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Today’s News - Tuesday, November 22, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: We are taking a rather extended Thanksgiving Day break. Even in this fractious world, we have much to be grateful for - like you, dear readers. We'll be back Tuesday, November 29 (with lots of catching up to do!). Happy Turkey Day!

•   "After much soul-searching prompted by anxiety and anger" (over Trump), Architecture 2030's Mazria calls for the "sleeping giant" (i.e., AIA and allied professional organizations) to awaken with a call to action as "a formidable force for implementing change. Now is the time to act."

•   Finch defends Schumacher's screed re: solving London's housing crisis (see Yesterday's News): "His free-market answers to the housing crisis may be unfashionable, but our current arrangements are simply not working."

•   A "stellar" shortlist of 10 (very impressive!) teams now in the running for the UK Holocaust Memorial.

•   Nouvel (with Architectus) gets the green light for a $700-million mixed-use tower in Melbourne "despite exceeding the plot ratio limits" because "the building meets the requirement of delivering public benefit."

•   Merrick mulls London's new Design Museum: "does it matter that OMA's apartment blocks have a politely retro, Colgate-white SuperDutch look? Or that Pawson has created a beautifully made (if not beautiful) three-storey high piece of oak-faced furniture?"

•   A local planning committee councilor ponders what benefits the Design Museum will bring to Kensington: it "won't do anything to regenerate Kensington High Street"; inside, "the first impression is more of a prestigious hotel cum conference center. From the street it is, frankly, joyless" (ouch!).

•   Morris is a bit more cheery: the Design Museum's new home "mixes spontaneity and grandeur" (+"Fear and Love" reviews below).

•   Sisson reports that, even though its on the National Register of Historic Places, an FLW in Whitefish, Montana (who knew?!!?) is facing possible/probable demolition to make way for a commercial building; the city committee will give the proposal thumbs-up - or -down - on December 6.

•   On a brighter note: 59 photos of FLW's Darwin Martin House first floor, now "restored to its 1907 glory" (wow!).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   The documentary "Glenn Murcutt - Spirit of Place" puts the spotlight on his "most ambitious" project, the Australian Islamic Centre - also the subject of a National Gallery of Victoria show.

•   Wainwright finds "Fear and Love" a "fun ramble through the zeitgeist. McGuirk has set out a powerful stall for the institution to act as a forum for exploring a world of critical, provocative and unsettling ideas."

•   Thorpe thinks "'Fear and Love' opens up questions about how design could be destroying our lives."

•   Morby walks us through "Fear and Love," in which 11 architects and designers "confront a different issue shaping today's world."

•   "Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture" at the San Diego Museum of Art "captures the majesty of Kahn's work" in a "sprawling assemblage of artifacts meant to honor his legacy."

•   The Halprin retrospective at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC, and the "accompanying website examines his legacy as well as the current state of his spaces across the country."

•   Bernstein says H&deM's "Treacherous Transparencies: Thoughts and Observations Triggered by a Visit to Farnsworth House" is "a rare attack on one of the profession's deities, but Herzog supports his arguments with careful analysis and with de Meuron's incisive, unflattering photos."

•   Fallows finds Binney's "'Big Saves: Heroic transformations of great landmarks' obscures its important message on conservation", yet is "a charming yet peculiar retrospective."

•   The Mies van der Rohe Foundation's "Contemporary European Architecture Atlas" offers analysis of the 2,881 works nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award over the last 30 years.

•   One we couldn't resist (it's click bait, but worth it): Eyefuls of "the world's 10 best public toilets for 2016" (some beauties, some doozies!).



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