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Today’s News - Monday, November 21, 2016

•   ArcSpace brings us a housing co-operative just north of Zurich that is "an ambitious new model for co-op housing developments."

•   Getting grumpy (and Trumpy) news out of the way: Schumacher at his seemingly Scroogiest with a screed calling for tossing all regulations, scrapping social housing (and tenants "rights to 'precious' city-center properties"), and privatizing public spaces (Hyde Park could be replaced with a new city. "How much are you actually using it?"); video of his talk, fiery comments, and his rather Joycean response follow.

•   Davidson minces no words about what Manhattan could be like if Trump Tower becomes White House North: it "will be not a mere annoyance but a state-sponsored takeover of public space," turning "a public thoroughfare into a glowering moat" (it's pretty bad now).

•   Schwab tracks down Public Architecture's John Peterson to figure out "what architects can do in the age of Trump: find ways to make a difference in their community and put their skills to work for good" (or at least "find solace in trying").

•   Bryan Lee refers back to Whitney M. Young's admonishment of the AIA "for lacking the courage to speak out on issues of injustice" - now, "we find ourselves in the same position of indifference," and it's time to "develop a multipoint platform for Design Justice."

•   McKee weighs in on the possible ramifications of a Trump Administration on landscape architecture: "The job description [for landscape architects] just got bigger for us all."

•   Green parses the results of the new Administration if/when it tries to roll back progress on climate change: "lawsuits and protests" will ensue, "with responsible, globally-minded states, cities, communities, and companies leading the way forward" (fingers crossed!).

•   Hawthorne has reservations about the redesign of the Crystal Cathedral, "one of the triumphant landmarks of Southern California kitsch": the interior seems to be "heavy, earthbound and handsome to a fault" - with a "well-appointed tastefulness that Philip Johnson spent much of his career gleefully skewering."

•   Turning to brighter news: Kolson Hurley offers a fascinating look beyond the starchitecty plans for DC's 11th Street Bridge Park to the "audacious plan" that could be "a model for how to build a trophy urban design project while fulfilling a vision of social responsibility."

•   A stretch of NYC's Hudson River waterfront is about to get a starchitecty skyline by Meier, Viñoly, and KPF, with a Mathews Nielsen park.

•   Cheng has an interesting Q&A with Kuma re: "the values of regionalism, critical writing and the need for architects to be 'humble.'"

•   Richardson's verdict on "London's new cathedral for design": the Design Museum is "a meeting place, where ideas and people are the attractions rather than objects" - and "Fear and Love" is "an intriguing romp through contemporary world issues."

•   It's an intriguing shortlist of five vying for MoMA PS1 2017 Young Architects Program.

•   The winners of the Metropolis/Staples Business Advantage Tomorrow's Workplace Design Competition "provocatively look to the broader community" (NORCs and inflatable office bubbles in parks included).

•   Eyefuls of the 100 artful works for Article 25's annual "10×10 Drawing the City London" auction - online and on view until November 29.

•   Landes walks us through a brief history of Soviet architecture: it "captured the creativity of their architects but also the state's centralized message."

•   Architecture New Zealand's Harvey considers the "copyright crisis" in architecture: The crediting of architects is an important way for the profession to regain some ground, having been subsumed by the big contractors and multidisciplinaries."

•   Hosey explains the details of AIA COTE's overhaul of its Top Ten Awards criteria that "ups the ante on its Measures of Sustainable Design."

•   Call for entries: 2017 AIA COTE Top Ten Awards.



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