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Today’s News - Thursday, July 14, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Joyeux 14 juillet! Tomorrow and Monday will be no-newsletter days. We'll be back Tuesday, July 19.

•   It's a Stirling kind of day as Heathcote weighs in on the 2016 Stirling Prize shortlist, which shows "a creeping conservatism" - but it's "a good list, no duds, no token gestures."

•   Wainwright's Stirling take: it's "the perennial ordeal of comparing apples and oranges" (and savors he some "deliciously buttery brick").

•   Campanella and Rosen take a deep statistical dive into post-Katrina architecture: "everyone seems to have an opinion of what post-Katrina architecture and urbanism ought to look like - but no one has conducted an architectural census and analyzed what, 10 years later, it actually looks like" (fascinating read!).

•   Murphy finds little to marvel at in the "real estate speculation, ugly architecture, and gentrification" in Austin - much of it is "cringe-worthy"; the good news: "some architects are working to change market realities, or at least their aesthetic dimensions."

•   Bevan makes the case for recognizing "the value of PoMo buildings before the wrecking balls start to swing."

•   On a brighter note, Meier's "stunner" - the Douglas House on Lake Michigan - is now on the National Register of Historic Places (fab photos - and our kudos to McCarthy and Myers' four-year restoration!).

•   AIBC gets serious about going after those who unlawfully claim to be "architects" or offer "architectural" services without proper accreditation.

•  Eyefuls of the AIA/HUD Secretary Awards for four outstanding housing projects (great presentation).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Goldhagen cheers "Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible" at the refurbished Met Breuer, and intriguingly explores how each illuminates the other.

•   Kamin cheers "Rounds," the winner of the fourth annual "Ragdale Ring" competition: "My two cents? Go" - it's "a charmingly sinuous object, as innocent as a child's doodle."

•   "Temp'L," this summer's MoMA Young Architects Program winner in Seoul, uses an old ship to illustrate "the beauty - and potential - of recycling, and its creator's fascination with vessels" (very cool).

•   "Dick & Rick: A Visual Primer for Social Impact Design," a free downloadable book, is a guide to social impact design practice that concludes with "the best motto yet for urban designers: don't be a Dick."

•   Nobel's "qualms" about manifestos turn to "skepticism" after reading "After the Manifesto" - it barely addresses "that the infrastructure or platforms that allowed would-be revolutionaries to shout effectively no longer exist. No one is reading your manifestos."

•   Hatherley hails "Towards a Typology of Mass Housing in the USSR 1955-1991" that offers "an intriguing and scientific exploration of both the banality and possibility of mass-production" (though he's a bit "uncomfortable about a chic luxury object" telling such a tale).

•   Serraino x 2 re: "The Creative Architect: Inside the Great Midcentury Personality Study" (both great reads/audio).

•   Benninger receives the Great Master Architect of India award, and launches his "Architecture for Modern India," which "explores his personal approach to urban design."

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