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Today’s News - Wednesday, July 13, 2016

•   ArcSpace rounds up top architectural podcasts for your summer listening pleasure.

•   Hosey has some issues with the "arrogance" of some architects involved in public interest design who seem "tainted by an over-inflated sense" of their own worth.

•   Wright takes a long look at the billion-euro transformation of Paris's longest building, and questions raised by some of the 15 architects involved: "it has variety, but human-scaled it is not" (great pix).

•   An interesting take on the $50 million redesign of Cleveland's Public Square "done with people - and democracy - in mind," and "will be one of the most visible public protest zones" during the Republican Convention.

•   A stretch of Montreal's elevated Bonaventure Expressway is being brought down to earth as grand boulevards and lots of green spaces (for people - what concept!).

•   Pedersen has a fab Q&A with Kamin re: the architects for the Obama Library, and the Lucas Museum fiasco: "As it turns out, the projects were related."

•   West Palm Beach lures a bevy of big-name architects - but is the city "ready for this surge of bold, artistic design? Perhaps not."

•   Meanwhile, Miami Beach is about to get "yet another starchitectural-quality garage," but this one won't "call a lot of attention to itself."

•   Eyefuls of "11 of the best new buildings from Iran's architectural awakening" (some stunners!).

•   Kotob takes a deep - and fascinating - dive into "why we need a new Islamic architecture" instead of "outdated tropes" that "ignore the challenges Muslim Americans today are facing."

•   Berke wins The Women's Building design competition to transform a former women's prison on Manhattan's West Side into a hub for "organizations dedicated to serving women and girls."

•   The Canadian National Institute for the Blind taps the blind American architect Downey to help design a 35-story building in Edmonton "uniquely designed for those who are blind and visually impaired."

•   Fodder for your over-the-top file: a dual-tower development in Dubai (where else?) will include a rainforest that also sports a "Jurassic-inspired marsh for the kids to enjoy" (dinosaurs not included - we hope).

•   A great look at what's going into the restoration of Mackintosh's fire-ravaged Glasgow School of Arts that will let "art makers see the building as not just a museum-like space, but as one that they can truly use."

•   The Singapore Institute of Architects picks a winner for its Archifest 2016 Pavilion to be installed in Raffles Place Park this fall.

•   Eyefuls of the winners in the Cannabis Bank architecture competition.

•   Call for entries: Van Alen Institute/West Palm Beach Shore to Core design and research competition + Trans Siberian Pit Stops architecture competition (winners may be constructed) + Lumion Competition for U.S. students.

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