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Today’s News - Wednesday, January 20, 2016

•   ArcSpace brings us Heatherwick's university project in Singapore that focuses on "the most important asset of the campus in the information age - social space" (great pix!).

•   Tomás Franco, a fellow Chilean, parses Aravena's Pritzker win and what it means for many architects in the region who "do not seem to take much interest in rising to the challenge of housing" - the prize could be "a wake-up call for architects and a positive invitation to focus again on the basics."

•   An architect and a journalist document how and why "African cities are starting to look eerily like Chinese ones" - will China's model of urbanism work? "Doubtful."

•   Will Melbourne [insert any big city] "see a Chinese land sell-off in 2016?

•   Harriss makes the case for why "bulldozing Brutalism's bad boys [some are "exemplary modernist icons"] to balance the books won't work": the U.K.'s "housing policy is tough on poverty, but tougher still on the victims of poverty" (Eye of Mordor included).

•   A look at how inclusionary zoning "could serve as a highly effective means of expanding the affordable housing stock of Australia's major cities without incurring burdensome additional costs for taxpayers" (and any/everywhere else?).

•   Lubell has a great Q&A with Hawthorne re: whether L.A. is having its moment or an identity crisis: "I'm very pessimistic in terms of its ability to produce individual works of important architecture - design is still not as respected in the public realm as it should be."

•   Goldman of Santa Monica Architects for a Responsible Tomorrow makes the case for why the city "needs responsible urban design and architecture": it "has become a developer's goldmine - a sure path to future nightmares."

•   Saffron tells the tale of the "suburbanizing tide" rising in Philly's "quirky" Roxborough neighborhood, and how "residents have found a way to fight back - their approach could be instructive for other booming neighborhoods" everywhere ("McTownhouses" included).

•   Montenegro gives the green light to transform a former concentration camp into a five-star resort - not all are pleased.

•   Eyefuls of London-based Mossessian Architecture's winning design for an Islamic faith museum in Mecca that will include "a climate-controlled 'garden of delight' on the rooftop."

•   Heathcote delves into architects' drawings in the digital age, and how "early, ad hoc technologies adopted by Gehry and other pioneers present problems" for researchers and curators - "the biggest question is authenticity."

•   Gender equality in architecture "will only change when practices actively redesign themselves" - inequality is just bad for business, as research shows "organizations with diverse leadership groups consistently outperform those without."

•   50 architects, critics, theorists, and educators chime in with what they're looking forward to in 2016 ("I think it is vain to talk about architecture given everything the world is facing," sayeth OMA's de Graaf).

•   Hume offers his tongue-in-cheek "10 tips for surviving Toronto's streets" (our fave: "Approach wildlife with caution").

•   The Knight Cities Challenge sifted through 4,500 submissions to come up with 158 community-transforming ideas as finalists.

•   Capps ponders what went into making - and what might come out of - Storefront's "Taking Buildings Down" competition (deadline today!).

•   Call for entries: Architizer's 4th Annual A+Awards (deadline extended) + A House for David Bowie (we can't wait to see the results!).

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