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Today’s News - Tuesday, January 19, 2016

•   More Pritzker chatter well worth reading: Rudin has a very interesting take on Aravena, the Pritzker, and video games about humanitarian crises: "Videogame architecture is failing the poor of the world. Aravena is Penn and Teller to the starchitect's Houdini."

•   Lamster weighs in (again): the "timing inevitably, and unfortunately, raises the question as to the credibility of the prize. The irony is that Aravena ['a Latin Christopher Walken'] is widely perceived as responsible for pushing the jury in a more progressive and inclusive direction."

•   Hall Kaplan says "Hooray!" for Aravena's win: "it will hopefully lend additional attention to the groundswell for affordable, well designed, user-friendly housing."

•   Bozikovic has a very interesting conversation with the Pritzker winner: "Architects may not solve the world's biggest problems - but it's their job to try. Aravena is excited to use the 'gravitas' of the prize to change the conversation."

•   Winston's Q&A takes quite a different tack, with Aravena coming down hard on architectural education, saying architects "are never taught the right thing. There's nothing worse than answering the wrong questions well."

•   The Pritzker's Thorne offers insight into "'the room where it happens' - how the jury's deliberation work, and what makes Aravena's work deserving of the prize."

•   Korody offers a round-up of Pritzker stories (most already in ANN), but scroll down to his amusing take Schumacher's "rant," and his own take on what it means when "the Pritzker and the Venice Biennale confer authority to a mode of architectural practice applauded for its political orientation."

•   Meanwhile, a Beijing architect "gets back to the basics of caring for humanity" by converting "a clutch of old warehouses in a remote rural give new life to a community through good design."

•   Poon talks to the team behind the Design Museum Dharavi to find out if "a Mumbai museum on wheels can change perceptions of slums" - just in time for the annual India Design Forum.

•   One more reason to find yourself in Mumbai in February: the 361° Design Conference: Architecture and the City: Architecture | Urbanism | Sustainability, and an impressive array of speakers (Ito and Cook included).

•   Kuma denies Hadid's accusations that "numerous components of his design" for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic stadium "are identical to her original work": "despite the technical details being similar, the concepts are completely different."

•   Kamin says that while "great skyscrapers are thrilling to behold, great cities are defined by lively streets and rich layers of culture. Where would you rather spend your next vacation, in Paris or Dubai?"

•   Heathcote x 2: He ponders the question of what makes a design good, and "design art" - a "hybrid territory where the usual rules do not apply" (has it "become a victim of its own success"?).

•   He cheers the urban lighting spectacular: "Done well, it creates a fleeting glimpse of another, more civic city in which the skyline and our increasingly privatized streets are requisitioned as places of spectacle and genuine public space."

•   Gould reports on her enlightening experience at the USGBC annual conference, which tackled activism and diversity - and the terms "inclusion" and "equity" too often "used as buzzwords (or 'diversity-washing' distractions)."

•   Three (!) we couldn't resist: Rogers is surprised and "delighted" to find out he was name-dropped in Bowie's 1995 "Thru' these Architect's Eyes."

•   Five myths about architects: #2: Architects have big egos and are bad listeners.

•   Taiwan dons a giant glass slipper church "in a bid to attract more women. It has not been an unqualified success" (oh, really?!!?).

•   Eyefuls of the 2016 AIA Institute Honor Awards (great presentations).

•   Folio's "Hanger Barn" wins the City of Dreams 2016 Pavilion Competition on Governors Island (coat check not included).

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