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Today’s News - Tuesday, July 28, 2015

•   Groves pays tribute to Harold Williams, a founder of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA). "Getting African American architects opportunities was one of his missions."

•   Flying high (finally) in NYC: LaGuardia Airport is in for a much-needed and long-overdue make-over - actually, more a total rebuild: the "stunning replacement cannot come soon enough" (for not much more money than Calatrava's WTC transit hub - go figure).

•   Dunlap, meanwhile, reports that Saarinen's TWA Terminal at JFK (finally) has a bright future: the "lyrical landmark in search of an everyday purpose" could be reborn as the lobby of a new airport hotel.

•   Staying in a New York state of mind, a fascinating profile of the "modern masters of the trade" of NIMBYism and "the playbook they use to drive developers crazy" (they've "turned anti-development into a fine art").

•   The NIMBYs are up in arms in Brisbane re: a proposed $2 billion casino/mixed-use project in a historic civic precinct that has "been met with skepticism and alarm": "The city is always more important than individual interests."

•   Heathcote ponders whether, "at a time when the authority and influence of architects are being eroded," the Turner Prize-nominated collective Assemble is "the future of progressive architecture."

•   Betsky looks at why a 1970s buzzword is finding "new meaning in architectural parlance": if the theory of affordances "lets us create architecture that is more human...then it is a useful design tool."

•   Wainwright x 2 (at his cheekiest best!): Melbourne's "Beyoncé tower" is not "the only superstar-shaped building out there" (consider the "pair of buxom towers" near Toronto that look more like "lumpen shafts"): "for creatively challenged architects and their attendant marketing consultants, the world of celebrity-shaped buildings offers endless possibilities."

•   He tours the "zombie building boom" of FLW unbuilt projects in Buffalo, and "meets the superfans bringing his designs back from the dead. Wright may be long dead, but the man and his merchandise are still going for the hard sell."

•   Holt (mostly) hails JWA/NADAAA's University of Melbourne Faculty of Architecture: it "may seem to reflect the built form as a means of communication or mode of education, but in reality is this more a marketing tool than genuine intent?" (but - oh - that ceiling!).

•   Singapore sets higher certification benchmarks with new Universal Design Mark guidelines that will benefit all.

•   Meanwhile, some of Australia's leading sustainable design and construction experts are "furious" about "a new lower-bar" National Construction Code: "It's too vague, has no aims, is riddled with loopholes," and so much more.

•   Sustainability expert Pears asks the Australian Building Codes Board to confer with more consultants and do more research re: National Construction Code changes - or "create a mess."

•   Eyefuls of the 350+ National World War One Memorial Stage I entries - open now for public comment.

•   Call for entries: Construction Shed Design Ideas Competition (NYC is trying - again) + Register for Build New York Live! international BIM competition.


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