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Today’s News - Monday, July 27, 2015

•   Kamin pays tribute to Schaudt, "a passionate advocate of landscape architecture" gone much too soon.

•   Hess remembers Wexler, who "turned the essence of structural systems into elegant, creative buildings," and "seemed to have a knack for being in the right place at the right time."

•   Laskow takes a long look at whether "taller buildings have to mean darker streets - it's not the density and the height of the buildings that's the problem - it's the design."

•   Wainwright minces no words about the "steroidal towers" of London's planned 22 Bishopsgate: "Picture the Cheesegrater strapped to the Walkie-Talkie, with most of the Gherkin thrown in, all bundled up in a great glass shroud" - with "the look of a cigarette lighter - perhaps the building's inevitable moniker (if the Monster doesn't stick)."

•   Heathcote x 2: He isn't much kinder to 22 Bishopsgate: the "huge glass a monster."

•   On the other hand, he calls the four shortlisted designs for the Nine Elms pedestrian and cycle bridge "elegant and restrained," and make Heatherwick's Garden Bridge "fungal design look lumpy and intrusive."

•   Ritchie takes "a forensic look" at why Heatherwick's bridge "is the wrong project for London: For a charity to present to the public a private project masquerading as a public one is disingenuous - a wonderful exercise in celebrity hype and hubris."

•   Welton, on a brighter note, cheers the "one-of-kind collaboration between planners, developers, architects, landscape architects, engineers, and even soil scientists" to bring about a (hopefully) fabulous Hudson Yards landscape: "its flora, and its fauna may be the development's greatest gift to New York."

•   How Ingles, who "may be the most important architect you have never heard of" is "reshaping the architecture of New York" + A great Kimmelman/Ingels video conversation.

•   Eyefuls of Wilkinson Eyre's drawings for the Barangaroo Crown Hotel - at 69 stories, it will be Sydney's second tallest building ("petals" and all).

•   Kats brings us a sneak-peek of SANAA's Grace Farms in Connecticut that "puts architecture out to pasture" - and is "potentially amazing."

•   Kamin bemoans the lack of "creative solutions" to bring back Chicago's Pilgrim Baptist Church: the city "certainly has the intellectual and financial resources to address this crucial historic preservation issue," but can it "marshal the forces needed to save a renowned Adler & Sullivan landmark from complete destruction."

•   Washington, DC, experiments with new supportive housing model "that aims to de-stigmatize homelessness" (looks good to us!).

•   Gaspar and Zimbabwe offer advice about how social impact design firms can - and should - improve recruiting and pay: "our field can do better - so that we don't burn out and ultimately leave the field."

•   Liao looks at how some firms are "going the extra mile to ensure their emerging designers stay and thrive."

•   McLaughlin takes issue with the "quid pro quo between government, profession and schools" in pushing out "oven-ready architects": "Education is not so much the acquisition of set skills - but developing an inner compass that always points in the direction of further education."

•   A new survey delves into "why workplace flexibility is the linchpin to employee happiness" (the right office space is part of the solution).

•   Eyefuls of Architect Magazine's 2015 R+D Awards (great presentation of some real "risk-taking" work!).


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