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Today’s News - Wednesday, July 16, 2014

•   We are so saddened by the news that we've lost Randall Stout, and Giovannini's eloquent tribute reminds us why: "he translated his inspirations from nature into built form with unpretentious grace."

•   On a brighter news note, a bit of foreign flair heads to NYC as Stierli is named MoMA's Chief Curator of Architecture and Design.

•   Saffron sees the down-side of Philly's "over-success" as chains begin "colonizing" shopping districts "at a stunning pace - there is a numbing sameness" and "a risk that these big-money players could do more harm than good."

•   King minces no words about what a bad neighbor, architecturally speaking, Kaiser Permanente's new Oakland hospital is: "It's an oversize, thin-skinned thud, massive in scale and anemic in tone. At least until you step inside."

•   Lord Rogers minces no words about what he thinks of the call for "garden cities" to help alleviate the U.K.'s housing crises that will end up being not much more than "commuter dormitories"; better to build in the cities and put "brownfield first."

•   Meanwhile, Transport of London shows off three "futuristic visions" to replace runways with "Heathrow City" - "in the increasingly unlikely scenario that Boris Johnson gets his way, and relocates the airport to the Thames Estuary."

•   Wainwright worries that "skyline debate might end up being the least of our worries" as "the architecture giant" Aedas's Chinese clients "have their sights set on London, and they know what they want" (think mega-everything).

•   If that's not a depressing enough thought, the University of Miami has sold 88 acres of "one of the world's rarest forests" to a developer who plans to build a mega-Walmart, along with 900 apartments and a few not-very-classy restaurant chains; needless to say, "the deal has left environmentalists and biologists scratching their heads."

•   O'Sullivan says "other European cities would do well to watch Paris carefully" as the city plans to fine owners of vacant commercial buildings who don't convert them to residential use.

•   Capps reports on a new web portal to connect potential developers with cities' distressed or vacant properties.

•   Melbourne launches its own version of London's Serpentine Pavilion; Godsell is tapped to create the inaugural MPavilion.

•   Davidson delves deep into why we "are still not sure how to care for" our Beaux-Arts buildings; case in point: the Frick expansion: "it would be a mistake to expand into another knockoff of a knockoff of a knockoff."

•   The backlash broadens against plans for a Helsinki Guggenheim: the "final decision will be determined largely by the current open international architectural competition," with backers "counting on the power of design to transform the rancorous debate into an enthusiastic one."

•   Kats has a lively Q&A with Selldorf re: her re-jiggering of the Clark Art Institute: "the most important thing is to identify what is perfect, what is beautiful, what needs to remain as is."

•   An in-depth look at Bjarke's "NYC blitz": the "architectural wunderkind already has four projects underway and is angling for more," but his "celebrity and bullish confidence has garnered criticism."

•   Winners all: Holl hauls home the 2014 Praemium Imperiale (and about $150,000 purse).

•   The Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize narrows the shortlist of the best built work in the Americas down to seven.

•   An impressive list of winners (and great presentation) of the 2014 Re-thinking the Future Awards.

•   Two big winners of the 2014 Australia Award for Urban Design.

•   Call for entries: Design Action 2014: Private Choice, Public Spaces to address the public-private interface of the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi.

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