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Today’s News - Tuesday, July 15, 2014

•   ArcSpace brings us 10 museums that go beyond being just containers for art "to be essential agents in creating new local identities and new urban centers" (nary a Piano among 'em).

•   Rybczynski has a change of heart in his feelings for LACMA's "vulgar architecture" and why demolishing so much of it would be "a big mistake"; of Zumthor's design: "maybe it's the quintessential Angeleno building? After all, replacing an aging faithful spouse with a younger more stylish trophy wife is an established Hollywood custom" (it also reminds him of "a 1950s coffee table").

•   Waldie parses Hawthorne's "provocative questions" about the revised LACMA design to the wider question: "What should the buildings of L.A. say?"

•   Kilkenny takes on the nay-sayers re: George Lucas's museum plans: it's "his best idea since Star Wars - he's a champion for the masses, attuned to how the public likes to take its cultural enrichment" ("He's the Jedi knight of narrative art and this museum is his big art-history lightsaber," sayeth art historian Higonnet).

•   Ijeh finds much to like in RSH&P's British Museum addition, but finds a touch of "irony" in what it didn't get right: "in the building's somewhat tepid aftertaste we see architects cowed rather than inspired by context."

•   In Japan, "aging, landmark buildings by famed architects pose headaches for local officials."

•   King x 2: he has high hopes for Gang's "rippling" tower slated to rise on San Francisco's skyline + While the tower will require - and should be granted - a zoning adjustment, zoning "flexibility in terms of urban design can be a valuable tool. But such flexibility must be the exception, not the default mode."

•   White cheers University of Calgary's West Campus plans that "could be the heart of a new city with its own culture based on academia, wellness and sports excellence, designed to be a pedestrian- and transit-first community" (the trick will be "linking vision with reality").

•   Benfield poses 10 questions every community should ask: "it is time to become more ambitious and holistic" in setting city agendas to "reach beyond mere sustainability" and smart growth to include social equity and justice.

•   Ruffer cheers a hopeful trend that looks at how "our ancient buildings and other heritage assets can lift people's spirits and transform society" as "instruments of social change" - but "that will not happen until the heritage sector believes it itself."

•   Badger bemoans D.C.'s housing the homeless in "the spaces left over that are explicitly temporary" instead of creating facilities specific to their needs: "when we do, the results can look so much different."

•   A Slovakian firm and a Vancouver advertising agency come up with ways to transform billboards and park benches into sleeping shelters for the homeless in "strange acts of kindness."

•   Darley, inspired by a recent AA grad, cheers "the power of one" as "the architectural and planning worlds flail around and confer on policies - individuals, and the right project in the right place, can move mountains. Women are good at doing that."

•   Speaking of the power of one, a millennial explains (rather belligerently) "why the millennial architect won't be your CAD monkey: We speak out against the path to licensure, we start our own firms, and we work for and with people in need. If you blink, you won't be competing for us, we will be your competition" (comments take him to task - definitely worth a look!).

•   The City of Sydney to lead the C40 global climate network: "cities go farther and faster when they collaborate and share ideas."

•   Five very impressive teams selected to participate in the Arch League/CUF Re-envisioning Branch Libraries design study.

•   Help wanted: Harvard GSD is in search of a curator of the Loeb Fellowship.

•   Call for entries: Shape the Future Design Competition (deadline reminder) + RDS/Leinster Rugby open international competition for a new multi-purpose arena in Dublin.

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