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Today’s News - Monday, May 12, 2014

•   Pairing Piano and Pali for L.A.'s Academy of Motion Picture Arts Museum "would have seemed to be kismet," but rumors and unnamed sources claim the honeymoon is over: "Renzo wanted Zoltan out and got his way" (a saga that's sure to continue).

•   Kolson Hurley takes an in-depth look at why and how "the North American suburb is far from dead," with two examples that are proving to be a solution to city-center gentrification and (un)affordability.

•   Three bastions of local talent lay out their visions for Sydney in 2050 (with links to detailed presentations).

•   Hume cheers his "reluctant" city's "city-building capacity": "Not often does a city as clumsy as Toronto pull off something as elegant as the West Don Lands. But to achieve this it had to do the near impossible."

•   King cheers on the post-freeway life of San Francisco's Octavia Boulevard that "may be a model" for other cities, proving that "turning back the clock can be beneficial"; a New Orleanian takes heed: "The question is whether the natives, the people now there, would be able to stay."

•   Olcayto opines that Holl's Reid Building for the Glasgow School of Art "has been unfairly judged - a difficult, provocative project opposite a world-famous, untouchable landmark, was always going to struggle to find friends" (and deserves better than it's gotten so far).

•   Heathcote hails Chipperfield's Museo Jumex that "strikes a quiet but assertive note amid" its Mexico City neighborhood that "is a kind of architectural zoo" - it is "robust enough to resist it and beautiful enough to keep drawing people in."

•   O'Connell delves in to the details of the "divine intervention" that went into bringing Neutra's former "drive-in church" in Orange County, CA, back to life, and "has elevated both an outdated Modernist building and an architect whose works are increasingly threatened."

•   WASA/Studio A's Jerome bemoans that the "mid-century Modernist single-glazed curtain wall is an endangered species: Does the experimental nature of these buildings, since proven prone to failure, mean that we should abandon our tried-and-true principles as preservationists?"

•   Mithun "reaches for the sky with a merit badge-worthy learning center and event headquarters" for the Boy Scouts of America - in a treehouse (we want one!).

•   .Q&A with the just-about-to-open Police Married Quarters director re: the history of the site, the state of Hong Kong's design industry, and much more.

•   New guidelines were launched last week at the Australian Institute of Architects' National Conference that "advise employers on how to make changes to policy, recruitment practices, salary structures and workplace conditions to better support gender equity."

•   Hartman pens a wonderful profile of Lina Bo Bardi, and why the "principles that drove her passions remain just as pertinent today - promoting cultural sustainability in the broadest sense."

•   One we couldn't resist: Move over, Standard on the High Line: "thanks to a quirk in the building's design," London's Shard is now they city's "eyeful" tower with "unforgettable views" (that have nothing to do with the skyline).

•   Winners all: New Zealand Architecture Awards 2014 + AIA/HUD Secretary Awards for outstanding housing projects (both great presentations) + Two winners in the Living Cities Design Competition hail from Sydney and California (talk about leaving a mark on the NYC skyline!).

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