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Today’s News - Friday, May 9, 2014

•   Davidson x 2: Bloomberg Associates' first client is Mexico City, but suggests the team "ought to study what's already been accomplished," and check out "an area that has out-Bloomberged Bloomberg."

•   He weighs in on the now-defunct plans for the New York Public Library renovation: "A chorus of writers is celebrating a disaster averted; I'm mourning a missed opportunity."

•   A look at five ways H&deM "will rock Vancouver" with what is very likely to make the VAG a "downtown icon."

•   Plans are underway for a "Russian Tate Modern" in Moscow with "Melnikov's iconic Bakhmetevsky bus garage tipped as the most likely location."

•   Plans are underway for a 36-house enclave of RSH+P's Y: Cube prefabs: "It's taken a long time to get it simple."

•   A new documentary is in the works that looks at what happened after Atlanta tore down all of its public housing projects: "the ambitious goals of the demolitions and policy reforms haven't all been met."

•   Kamin takes a long look at the sad state of grand plans for pedestrian bridges in Chicago: "The big questions are: Who gets what and when do they get it [and] does politics distort planning?"

•   A look at how and why the "up-and-coming" Green Globes rating system is gaining ground on LEED.

•   Hales digs deep into the growing trend in "trophy gardens": MoMA "has acquired the model for the High Line, securing the walkway's claim in the art world. But are landscapes art?" (some say yes, some say no).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Wainwright says "The Competition" documentary "exposes the world of iconic architecture at its worst" - but "makes for compulsive viewing" ("structures that resemble fossilized turds" and a "Pritzkerless but plucky Perrault" included).

•   Zara offers a great round-up of the best of NYCxDESIGN that kicks off today.

•   Steinhauer cheers "Letters to the Mayor" at NYC's Storefront: the 50 letters by architects, critics and curators to mayors around the world may not be much to look at, "but it aggregates and articulates important points about contemporary architecture and urban development."

•   "Chicagoisms" at the Art Institute of Chicago is "a call for architecture and urbanism to once again dream big, even if those dreams turn into nightmares."

•   "The Landscape Architecture Legacy of Dan Kiley" at the National Building Museum offers "45 examples of his work at its best, bringing stunning greenery to modernist structures" (great pix!).

•   Welton is wowed by Jolley's "Cycle of Life" at the Knoxville Museum of Art, "what may be the finest museum in the career of Edward Larrabee Barnes."

•   Transit activist Ross's "Dead End: Suburban Sprawl and the Rebirth of American Urbanism" is a "provocative new book on the historical roots and eventual demise (he hopes) of suburban sprawl" ("snooty country club" included).

•   Teodorovici's "George Matei Cantacuzino: A Hybrid Modernist" puts a long-overdue spotlight on Romania's forgotten Modernist.

•   Jodidio's "Small Architecture Now!" offers "architects' tiny triumphs," where "small is big, although the trend is one born out of necessity" (fab photos).

•   Heller cheers a luscious tome dedicated to Hildreth Meière, "the best Art Deco designer who almost no one remembers" (luscious pix included).

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