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Today’s News - Wednesday, February 19, 2014

•   ANN Feature: Q&A with Valerio and Mattheis re: Valerio Dewalt Train's University of Chicago Laboratory Schools: "We wanted to dive deeply into the culture of the school, so one of the first things we did was to participate in its daily life."

•   Kennicott's take on the winning MLK Memorial Library makeover team: the "decision is a bold one," but the "choice of a Dutch firm suggests there may be complicated and painful process ahead" (Rybczynski tweets: "DC library opts for flash and picks Dutch firm Mecanoo. Silly name, silly design. Poor old Mies.").

•   Conti, meanwhile, brings us a little-known Mies in Pittsburgh that "shows virtue of simplicity" with "all the rigorous discipline and detail of any of his more famous works."

•   Davies reports on a recent report that shows Melbourne has grown faster and "performed better on a number of key metrics" than Sydney - why?

•   Ticher has an answer: perhaps Sydney should ditch its famous harbor and landmarks and concentrate on the rest of the city - "cities without such obvious attractions make greater efforts to get the best out of what they do have. Try asking someone from Melbourne."

•   King looks at four new office towers still not much more than holes in the ground that hope to appeal to both traditional corporations and "companies whose workers aren't likely to wear a tie unless they're being ironic."

•   O'Toole gives two thumbs-up to Hall McKnight's PSNI Memorial Garden in Belfast: "these urbane architects" have created a "soothing place of small mercies, doing just as little as possible but not less than was needed."

•   Brussat takes on Saffron aiming her blazing "bazooka" (again) at Stern's American Revolution museum in Philly: though she "makes some good points, most of them should encourage Stern to ramp up what she dislikes rather than to remove or tone down what she dislikes."

•   Syracuse, NY, is yet another poster child for the future of urban freeways: the "Berlin Wall" dividing the city's neighborhoods will most likely be torn down, but some "surprising allies" don't think it's such a good idea (surprising, indeed!).

•   A serious look is afoot re: whether the weather indicates it's time to build a Thames Barrier v. 2.0: "Some are saying that this wonderful piece of engineering, Brunellian in imagination and scale, needs to be replaced - and fast."

•   Chaban reports on a new non-profit seeking profits from First World developers to build prefabricated shelters in Third World cities.

•   A "very eclectic" shortlist of 20 in the running to design the Arvo Pärt cultural center in Estonia.

•   A most eclectic list of winners of the 2014 P/A Awards: "Jurors focused on innovation, but not for its own sake" (great presentation).

•   Call for entries: 2014 Marble Architectural Awards - North America.

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