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Today’s News - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

EDITOR'S NOTE: We don't toot our own horn too often, but we're feeling rather celebratory - today marks ANN's launch 12 years ago (and almost 3,000 daily newsletters later, we don't feel a day over 27...)!

•   A Miesian win for Mecanoo and Martinez + Johnson for the makeover of DC's MLK Memorial Library with a proposal that promises to "keep Mies: Mies. Or even better: improve Mies in a contemporary Miesian way."

•   A day of gentrification, gente-fication, gayborhoods, and more:

•   Davidson answers critics to his earlier column, "Is Gentrification All Bad?"

•   Gentrification has been "baked into the economic forces driving urban development since the 1950s" with "sexy ideas of urban development" - it's time to reexamine "neo-liberalism's central role."

•   Latinos are bringing "gente-fication to neighborhoods that others have written off," echoing "a growing desire to live in walkable communities that can support many generations" - and developers are paying heed.

•   Florida explains "why gayborhoods matter": according to some studies, there seems to be "a connection between gay neighborhoods and some of the markers of gentrification."

•   Detroit is attracting a gentrifying group of city lovers other than young professionals: "empty-nesters are creeping in, and definitely not looking for a quiet retirement community."

•   Joining Detroit's battle against blight, a young tech company uses "blexting" to map the city's properties and their status (and starting to do the same for other cities as well).

•   India's ring roads, "which should have been the boundaries for growth, lie buried deep inside the bulging and bloating cities," suggesting "that we have played a huge farce in the name of urban planning" that "threatens to put India into a huge traffic gridlock."

•   Canada's North, typically known for architecture of "squat, non-descript buildings built more for function than form," is beginning to take design seriously: "a lot of its towns are emerging out of settlement and into a phase of identity."

•   Phase Two of Canada's first new school of architecture in 45 years is about to get underway.

•   Moore gives (mostly) thumbs-up to O'Donnell + Tuomey's new LSE student center that is "living proof that it is possible to be world famous without conspicuous architecture": though it may feel a bit "overwrought" in places, "at least it is wrought, at a time when most buildings are just assembled."

•   Foster Maggie's Centre in his home town of Manchester will be lightweight and glassy to "engage the outdoors."

•   Eyefuls of five international examples of vertical gardens and green walls (we're not so sure about the one so totally covered in green stuff "that not an inch of the glass surface will be exposed to direct sunlight" - we feel a bout of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) coming on).

•   Eyefuls of the AJ Small Projects 2014 shortlist (Part One): A barn, a bridge, a bunker, a cafe, a castle...

•   Beha's Byard Memorial Lecture offers "insight into the tension, and potential, of a contemporary dialogue in historic settings, and what it means to be a welder."

•   Betsky has high hopes for architecture books remaining in print, at least as a niche market.

•   Call for entries: ULI Toronto Urban Ideas Competition to reconnect Toronto with its waterfront (international).

•   O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! It's snowing - again (we feel a bout of SAD coming on...).

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