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Today’s News - Wednesday, January 15, 2014

•   More MoMA meme momentum: Betsky questions whether the museum should expand before it resolves "the horrible circulation mess" and becomes "an ever bigger and less enjoyable box for mass entertainment."

•   Perl says "the long-term prospects are bleak indeed"; it will be a "BAMoMA on West 53rd Street full of baloney" and a "mall full of [expletive deleted] department stores."

•   Ferro, on the other hand, says the redesign "will simply rebrand" MoMA that will expand "the museum's reach beyond art critics" (and architecture critics).

•   Jacobs turns to the Left Coast and why razing Graves's Portland Building "would be a shame - it's a bad idea to do something irreversible when your judgment is clouded by disdain," especially in a city that "tends to prevent anything too flamboyant from being built. It would be foolish to discard a work of architecture stranger than anything that it will probably ever build again."

•   Meanwhile, Minneapolis faces its own mid-century preservation dilemma: what to do with its "Late Bunker" Macy's building by Gruen: it could be turned into a "Mall of Museums" for a bunch of little museums, or "tear it down and build what was there before. All the old buildings."

•   In Kansas City, Paul appreciates the brouhaha going on in NYC and Portland, but highlights the possible "extinction" of a quartet of buildings "designed more than a century ago by a notable local architect" that "would set a regrettable precedent of 'demolition by neglect.'"

•   Hough tackles the preservation quandaries facing "funky" public plazas that are "just as important as preserving historic buildings," but it "needs to be balanced with the imperative that places effectively meet the functional needs of contemporary cities."

•   An architect who is one of the last visitors to London's Battersea Power Station before it closed "hopes the new development won't be too exclusive."

•   Foster "gives back to his alma mater" with his Yale School of Management's Evans Hall.

•   Eyefuls of Foster's Milan Expo pavilion for the UAE (we're not in New Haven anymore!).

•   It looks like Gehry's Grand Avenue "exciting" redesign will get the go-ahead: "I think we see the light at the end of the tunnel" (it's been a longggg tunnel).

•   Piano tapped to design a residential tower next to his Shard (alas, no images - yet).

•   A great take on "why suburbia snobs are wrong" (at least in Australia): "It's time to put the stereotypes to bed - suburbia continues to provide the opportunity, for those who dare and those who can't afford otherwise, to live outside the city walls of inner city cool" (living daringly in the 'burbs - oh my!).

•   Eyefuls of 10 projects to follow in 2014 (some surprises!).

•   One on the list is an "architectural marvel" in Canada - Teeple's dinosaur museum: "The fact that a building of this grandeur is being built in a community of 1,400 people and not an urban center made it stand out."

•   Call for entries (deadlines loom!): 2014 EDRA Great Places Awards + RFQ: 2014 Mayors' Institute on City Design regional sessions hosts.

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