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Today’s News - Wednesday, November 20, 2013

•   Heathcote journeys to Japan to see Ito's Home for All project up close and personal: "they have successfully created a new kind of architecture, reconstructing not only space but community."

•   Rybczynski channels Kahn via Piano at the Kimbell: it "is a study in careful deference .No longer alone, the Kahn building is now in conversation with an admiring successor."

•   Olcayto finds Caruso St John's Tate Britain "willfully blurs the line between old and new. It's called Postmodernism 2.0. Or how about just bloody good?"

•   Bernstein makes a case to "give Calatrava a chance. Despite cost overruns and leaky roofs, his buildings have the power to inspire," and soon New Yorkers "will get a chance to see how electrifying his work can be" (so can his arrogance, it seems).

•   Cuozzo says not to count on a new St. Nicholas Church at Ground Zero: "The $20 million budget is drawing hoots from observers familiar with Calatrava's chronic cost overruns."

•   On brighter Ground Zero notes, Dunlap gets the scoop on an elevated park planned to be built on the rooftop of the entrance to the WTC vehicle security center: "the emotionally wrought yet relentlessly busy trade center site needs all the calm it can claim."

•   Hsiung is inspired to sketch scenes at Manhattan's 9/11 Memorial: "The pools were breathtaking" - it's "a powerful monument. I was moved."

•   Gunther reflects on Dealey Plaza in Dallas: "The memorial aspects did not overwhelm or compromise its purpose - unlike so much of the 9/11 Ground Zero site. Those interested in architecture's place in urban space should go there to reflect."

•   Pope looks at political urbanism and the controversy over Istanbul's Gezi Park: it "caused many to question what really lies below the surface of economic expansion and rapid urban development in Turkey."

•   After 25 years, Ft. Worth finally gets its own modern-day town square (and lots of good stuff around it).

•   Heathcoate reports that H&deM has become the go-to firm for pharma firms - it "manages to walk an intriguing tightrope between companies one might imagine to be bitter enemies."

•   Morphosis wins the competition to design the new U.S. Embassy in Beirut: the selection committee "was confident that the firm would design a secure Embassy that 'doesn't look like a fortress.'"

•   Eyefuls of WORKac's lip-smacking Edible Schoolyard in Brooklyn.

•   Dunlop is tapped to design new projects for a school for special-needs children in Glasgow.

•   The U.S National Arboretum to add a Chinese garden that will be a "synthesis of Eastern and Western concepts of how to shape space."

•   A new survey shows builders, architects and designers "know they need to harness social media," but they're "throwing their hands up in increasing numbers."

•   Two we couldn't resist: the best 2 minutes you can spend today is a music video of 3 little girls having a blast engineering an amazing project (yes, Virginia, engineering can be fun!) + Kanye West delivers a manifesto on architecture to Harvard GSD students: "Everything needs to actually be 'architected'" (if Brad Pitt can do it, why not?).


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