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Today’s News - Tuesday, November 19, 2013

•   It's Tate Britain's day! Bevan finds Caruso St John's "sublime reworking" sews the building's history "back together with the most elegant of stitches to create a national gallery that doesn't look like it got dressed in the dark."

•   Wainwright says the "revamp brings pizzazz and mischief," and "adds the whimsy of architectural magpies" and "exuberant flourishes."

•   Heathcote cheers the "clean, calm and bright scheme of clarity and intelligence."

•   Russell roams the Kimbell's Piano Pavilion with its "predictable, restrained elegance" and large galleries that "trade the intimacy of the Kahn for a severe magnificence."

•   REX and Front come up with a 400-foot-tall solution to the Nasher's scorching problem in Dallas that is itself a kinetic piece of art (umbrellas that "blossom" included!).

•   The mystery of the Google barge being assembled in San Francisco is solved (sort of).

•   Wright sees the barge as the "future of mobile retail" and "a way to subvert the idea of the store. As a business model, it (probably) won't take over the world but I hope it comes around and visits my city, if only for a little while."

•   Florida parses an "intriguing new study" that appears to prove "the most cohesive neighborhoods are almost never the most diverse ones."

•   Hume catches up with Safdie for an enlightening (and amusing) visit: "He may not be your average starchitect, but he is a man who has a place in the world and enjoys it."

•   Winners and could-be winners all: Rogers Stirk Harbour beats out "a raft of top names" to design the LSE's new Global Centre for Social Sciences.

•   Beha beats "a very talented shortlist" for a major rehab of the U.S. Embassy in Athens.

•   Eyefuls of a most impressive shortlist to design the Nobel Prize HQ in Stockholm (images remain "anonymous" - try matching the names with the pix).

•   Another very talented shortlist hopes for the chance to revamp Stirling's "controversial" 40-year-old Florey Building; the challenge is to "overcome problems of comfort and use."

•   NYC's Battery Park users will be in for a treat no matter which of 5 (very cool!) shortlisted "Draw Up A Chair" designs come out on top.

•   Eyefuls of winners from Down Under in The Great Indoors 2013 and 2013 Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) competitions.

•   One we couldn't resist: a new app lets you customize London Tube alerts: "Please be aware that the new Die Hard move is being filmed here today. Be alert for fireballs, floods, and bad acting" (they're all a hoot!).

•   Call for entries: RFQ to green the streets surrounding ASLA's HQ in Washington, DC + 2014 European Prize for Urban Public Space.


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