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Today’s News - Friday, November 8, 2013

•   A big day for winners and shortlists: we finally get to see the three finalists' designs to replace Goldberg's "curvilinear icon" in Chicago + Northwestern University has all the details - and wants your feedback (can't say we're thrilled).

•   We're more impressed with the four schemes shortlisted in the Parramatta Square design competition (one is a real doozy!).

•   Kamin lets us "skyscraper buffs" know that we're going to have to wait for CTBUH's ruling on whether NYC's 1 WTC or Chicago's Willis Tower will have "bragging rights" as the tallest building in the U.S. (oh that pesky "vanity height" conundrum)

•   Meanwhile, CTBUH names Beijing's CCTV HQ, designed by "Rem 'Kill the skyscraper' Koolhaas," as the Best Tall Building Worldwide.

•   Eyefuls of the 55 Australian Institute of Architects 2013 National Architecture Award winners (great presentation!).

•   A "surprise" winner of 2013 RIAS Andrew Doolan Best Building in Scotland Award.

•   Some interesting proposals win the Astrodome reuse design ideas competition - knowing that the winners "would serve either as a swan song for a doomed architectural icon, or as inspiration for its possible future" (Houston voters sealed the doom scenario this week).

•   An interesting mix of a shortlist vying to design the "Russia" Theme Park - slated to be the largest in Europe.

•   Also an interesting mix of winners of the UK's Top 10 Best Modern Churches.

•   Clemence is taken by Piano's "light catcher" pavilion for the Kimbell Art Museum: "it's a masterful orchestration of sunlight that enters spaces, at once efficient and inspiring...ethereal is indeed a good word...leaving a feeling that the building is just barely there."

•   An in-depth look at how public health, urban planning, and architecture "grew up together," then went their own ways, and are now collaborating again, despite "hurdles and challenges" between "urban health and beautification advocates."

•   Good news for Venice: it will be free of all cruise ships for the next five months; bad news for Venice: it's only to allow "a lagoon-damaging" channel to be dredged.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Koolhaas, Adjaye, and others and the In-Between Hotel in Gwangju, China (reservations available).

•   Makovsky cheers the Getty's "In Focus: Architecture," a show that "looks at the long and fascinating relationship between architecture and photography."

•   Scarpa's Venetian glass sparkles at the Met Museum: "he redefined the parameters of glassblowing in terms of aesthetics and technical innovation."

•   Moore offers a marvelous profile of British mid-century critic Ian Nairn, and cheers that "his work is now being rediscovered and his life remembered" in a new book and TV show: "The power was in his observation, his courage and his language."


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