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Today’s News - Thursday, November 7, 2013

EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond our control (etc., etc., etc.), we were unable to post yesterday's news...sorry 'bout that...

•   McKean tells the fascinating tale of how Tokyo, "besieged by earthquakes, tsunamis and war, has learned a thing or two about bouncing back" and developed "sophisticated forms of urban resilience."

•   Kamin finds Maki's 4 WTC to be a "gentle giant" at Ground Zero: "the subtle, self-effacing high-rise compels with its combination of sharply-honed, light-reflecting minimalist geometry and sensitive, city-embracing urbanism."

•   Wainwright wonders whether the ambitious plans to revamp the Battersea Power Station might "ruin the brick beast" (an "army of wriggling mutant worms" included).

•   Farrelly x 2: she is thrilled to see that "suddenly architecture is everywhere" in Sydney: "The stuff is crawling from the ground like cicadas after drought."

•   She also sets her sights on Sydney's five worst buildings: they are "rude, greedy, and silly," with arrogance being the worst quality.

•   Hatherley minces no words about new student housing and campus design in general in the U.K.: "stunning formal ineptitude"; "obvious dreadfulness"; "atrocious"; "grimness"; "banal" (need we say more?).

•   Meanwhile, LSE sends its starchitect-studded shortlist back to their drawing boards: there were some "interesting ideas," but nothing "really outstanding."

•   Brussat cheers Congress's shutdown of funding for the Eisenhower Memorial: "Keeping Gehry out of Washington would be a signal achievement - but modern architecture refuses to hop gently into the dustbin of is by now too big to bring down without good luck, good aim and a lot of big rocks."

•   No doubt he's cheering Houston voters' decision to not save the Astrodome: once "a symbol of the city's can-do spirit," it will most likely be demolished (preservation groups say there's "nothing more that could be done").

•   Chipperfield loses the Geffrye Museum overhaul for proposing to demolish a nearby former pub - though a new architect, as yet to be selected, will have to stick to his master plan.

•   Eyefuls of a newly-constructed FLW house on the Florida Southern College campus - done to the master's exacting detail (good news for the artisans - and fans!).

•   Eyefuls of Weiss/Manfredi's new nanotechnology school that is "reshaping a formerly bleak part of the University of Pennsylvania campus" by "making it difficult to tell where nature ends and architecture begins."

•   Volner and Gordon pen eloquent and engaging profiles of WSJ. Magazine 2013 Innovators of the Year: David Adjaye and Thomas Woltz (great reads).

•   Hunt bemoans that "traditional skills are being lost by designers relying on computers": never mind that it's fast, low-cost, and great for sharing content - "for employers or universities looking at a portfolio from a candidate you can see almost immediately if they've actually spent any time working with real materials."

•   The just-launched is a free website offering "reputable third-party data that focuses on a number of themes that underpin the steady march of human progress, including continued innovation, access to energy, the rise of Asia," and much more.

•   Call for entries: 7th Annual International Design Awards in Architecture, Interior Design, Products, Graphics, Fashion (professional & student).


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