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Today’s News - Thursday, October 31, 2013

•   Azaroff's TEDTalk re: meta-resiliency: "The beginning of resiliency is not buildings - it is us" (well worth a watch!).

•   Eyefuls of Smith + Gill's winning design for the World EXPO 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan - "a self-sufficient, 500-acre neighborhood powered simply by wind and sun" (pretty astounding-looking!).

•   Holl beats out OMA and Hadid for a four-museum "art islands" complex in China (great video - "porosity" included).

•   Heatherwick tapped to design what "could be one of the most expensive works of public art in the world" for Manhattan's $15 billion Hudson Yards.

•   Dunlap delves into Calatrava's Greek Orthodox Church near Ground Zero: "The design will almost certainly renew debate over the role of religion at or around the World Trade Center."

•   Mori heads to Maine again for another museum.

•   Rudolph in the cross-hairs of a wrecking ball again - this time his 1974 Shoreline Apartments complex in Buffalo.

•   The saga of efforts to save Detroit's crumbling Packard Plant gets stranger and stranger: the Texas doctor (who could use some writing lessons) is out; next up is a Chicago developer - or might it be a conquistador from Peru?

•   Weder waxes most eloquently about the "competing ambitions" of Arthur Erickson and Ron Thom, "the most celebrated architects in Canadian history...who seduced the country's leaders into believing that architecture could shape and define it - and they might have been right."

•   Horton x 2: he ponders whether the Disney Concert Hall has really made a difference to Grand Avenue: "No," but "maybe it's really been here these past 10 years to teach us one thing. L.A. ain't Bilbao. Fine by me."

•   He rebuts Outram's "Why I Left the Architecture Profession" diatribe: "Poor architects. Nobody understands them and they don't understand anybody. Nonsense. You do it or you don't. You do it well or you don't. That's it."

•   After much study and (sometimes contentious) debate, the GSA gets behind LEED and Green Globes.

•   The ICC approves stringent new requirements for historical structures: "Architects now must prove that their historical projects are worthy of exemptions from the International Energy Conservation Code."

•   The AIA proposes legislation that "combines student debt relief with community design support" (dare we hold our breath that our do-nothing Congress might actually do something about it?).

•   Winners all: Ottawa Urban Design Awards announced + 4th annual Bulfinch Awards celebrate classicism.

•   Two we couldn't resist for your Halloween Trick or Treat pleasure (both are fab!): 10 Modernist Houses in Scary Movies + The United States Devil Map highlights sinister locales like Satan Hill, Lucifer Falls, and Mount Evil.


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