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Today’s News - Wednesday, October 30, 2013

•   Compared to what we woke up to a year ago, it was lovely waking up today to find all's well in our little corner of the world: This being the "era of 'when, not if,' the ULI offers guidance on post-disaster rebuilding."

•   Ten "brilliant proposals for resilient urban coasts" drawn from 41 Rebuild by Design proposals.

•   Marion Weiss "discusses the new reality of designing buildings, infrastructures and parkland when weather patterns are no longer predictable."

•   Speck uses Portland as a prime example of a city that, by prioritizing walkability, has avoided urban decline: "young, smart people are moving to Portland in droves."

•   Morphosis tapped by U.S. State Dept. to design the U.S. Embassy in Beirut (no pix yet).

•   Mara says Alsop should be "justifiably proud" of completing his "arduous odyssey" of a mixed-use project in Rotterdam: "Despite, or perhaps even because of its architectural animation, it feels like a termite colony"; it's "a gutsy piece of architecture."

•   An affordable housing project with "an abrasive urban context with a tough exterior shell" and design features that "exceed those traditionally offered in social housing" garners Tasmania's first 5 Star Green Star.

•   Kats links us to eyefuls of Calatrava's design for St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church at Ground Zero: "after 11 years of uncertainty and bureaucratic delays, renderings have surfaced" (no moving parts, it seems).

•   Schwartz brings us eyefuls of P+W's PNU - at 32 million square feet, and built in just one year, it's "the world's largest women's university - and it's in Saudi Arabia" ("job prospects after graduation still leave something to be desired").

•   More on Kapoor and Isozaki's portable, inflatable "giant purple blimp" of a concert hall: "what would have been the point of just putting up another tent?"

•   More on Skolnick's children's museum in Sofia, Bulgaria (the kids can't wait!).

•   On the outskirts of Melbourne, the Catholic Ladies College gets a chapel "with a feminine touch" (soft curves not included).

•   Scott Brown offers her words of wisdom re: collaboration, career advice, and the psychology of architecture.

•   Wainwright offers his (hilarious!) take on starchitects going overboard in a "battle of the superyachts": "Architects have long been obsessed with the nautical, but recent evidence suggests it might not be such a good idea" (unless it's Piano - your must-read of the day!).

•   While we're at it, a terrific slide show of dollhouses designed by the stars: a Hadid "could be yours for less than $20,000. But don't think you can move in."

•   We wish we could head Down Under for what looks like a fab Sydney Architecture Festival 2013.

•   Cheers to some of our faves being honored with 2013 Society of Architectural Historians Awards for Architectural Excellence.

•   Eyefuls of the winners of the ONE Prize 2013 Stormproof Competition.


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