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Today’s News - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

•   Newberg cheers examples of tactical urbanism, "a fairly low-cost way to demonstrate, temporarily, the potential for long-term change."

•   Q&A with a Turkish architect, whose firm is documenting Gezi Park's temporary structures, re: "architecture's power to provide social commentary in the hand's of amateurs, and why what happened in Takism Square is only the beginning."

•   Woodman talks to Duany, who is "trying to import his radical view of urbanism" from Miami to Scotland, and "his enthusiasm for design codes": "We're not working with good designers but with builders. Acres of great architecture can be very oppressive."

•   Litt lights up about a small marina project on Cleveland's lakefront: it may be small, but it's an "important step for a city starved for high-quality recreational access to its waterfronts."

•   Rawsthorn rides one of Copenhagen's Cycle Super Highways to find out if they're really as good as they sound: "I've learned the hard way to be suspicious whenever politicians promise to do anything bike-friendly" - her conclusion: "they're great."

•   Goodyear rounds up "10 brilliant pieces of bike infrastructure" (no, they're not all in Copenhagen and Amsterdam).

•   Meanwhile, Jaffe parses NYC's "double standard on NIMBYism" when it comes to two transit projects: Citi Bike vs. the 2nd Avenue subway.

•   Impressive shortlists in the running for the new U.S. Embassy in Beirut, and the new Olympic HQ on the shores of Lake Geneva.

•   Three finalists in the PXSTL Competition vie for the chance to re-imagine and develop a vacant lot in the St. Louis Cultural District.

•   Welton spends some quality time with Harmon, who "believes that every building offers lessons to be learned - and that the best way to absorb them is to sketch."

•   Winners of the new Holland Prize are recognized for the best single-sheet, measured drawing of a historic building, site, or structure.

•   ICAA's Gunther remembers Henry Hope Reed, "the contrarian classicist."

•   Handler brings forth videos of eloquent tributes by some notable names paid to Colin Rowe at a memorial program in 2000 (better late than never!).

•   One we couldn't resist: eyefuls of 15 famous architects' homes: "where these artists lived themselves is rarely a discussion."

•   Call for entries: Fentress Global Challenge 2013: "Upcycled Architecture" International Student Competition (cash prizes, no fee!).


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