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Today’s News - Wednesday, April 24, 2013

•   Rosenbaum reflections on Mather: "Not as renowned as some starchitects - he was just beginning to have an impact in his native country." + BD's visual tribute to his built legacy: "He let his work do most of the talking, and it won him respect from architects and the public."

•   My, my...we found a grumpy lot today (but all well worth reading): Tweeddale does a brilliant take-down of the design industry's "crisis of relevance - it occurs to me now that architecture itself may not really be in crisis; only that the subjectivity and egos of a particular group are feeling challenged" (her Venice encounter is a hoot!).

•   Grabar neatly wraps up a round-up of the "counter-manifestos" emerging from Shteir's NYT piece about Chicago: "Her central beef is how resolutely proud everyone seems to be of the city, despite its issues" (who isn't chiming in on this one!).

•   Hume ties West, Texas, and Toronto explosions together: "the two have at least one thing in common: explosively bad planning."

•   Dobrzynski weighs in on MoMA/AFAM: "It's sad that a building may come down after just 12 years in existence, but I'm still wondering why it was approved in the first place" (do we hear gasps?).

•   Enough with the grumps: an eyeful of BIG's winning design for EuropaCity: 200 acres near Paris "set to be a retail, cultural, and leisure city of unprecedented scale."

•   Russell cheers Google's green goals for its new HQ, though "I fear GPS will be needed to navigate this well-meaning muddle" - and just how does it compare to Seattle's oh-so-green Bullitt Center?

•   Chipperfield's Rockbund Art Museum and cultural hub in Shanghai is "one of the most intriguing design projects to emerge in recent years that is not a monumental skyscraper."

•   Bernstein previews Grimshaw's Queens Museum of Art expansion that "aims to bring renewed purpose to a vast, Robert Moses-era building" with a "spectacular ensemble of galleries."

•   One man's dream for Olmsted's "tarnished South Side jewel" in Chicago could become reality (with wHY on board, why not?).

•   Conti on Soleri: "Will his legacy be as meaningful as that of others who are in the history books today? It's a good guess to say yes."

•   Maeda continues his mantra to turn STEM into STEAM: "artists and designers will be the innovators of this century - developing this creativity needs to start in the K-12 schools."

•   We couldn't agree more, but once inspired, students wanting to enter Cooper Union will have to pay a price (for the first time in over 150 years - Gorlin calls it "a sad day").

•   The AIA ABI sees "the best run of growth since before the financial crisis and the bursting of the construction bubble."

•   An eyeful of the 2013 APA National Planning Excellence Awards (West, TX, and Toronto might want to take a peek).


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