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Today’s News - Thursday, April 11, 2013

•   Pogrebin reports that MoMA has made up its mind about what to do with Tod and Billie's neighboring American Folk Art Museum: if you don't want a gem of a building to come between you and your Nouvel - knock it down (needless to say, we're aghast, appalled...words fail us).

•   Bernstein and Hawthorne offer eloquent tributes to Soleri, who "showed a generation of younger architects an alternative to corporate modernism" ("a desert Obi-Wan Kenobi," says Alastair Gordon).

•   Stott makes the case that "without architects, smart cities just aren't smart - by using their skills the 'smart city' will cease to be a mere buzz word, and truly become an integrated movement towards intelligent urban development."

•   Dyson makes his own case that engineering and design must become the "fourth science" in education, deserving "pride of place alongside biology, chemistry, and physics."

•   Quirk offers a most interesting take on "why China's copy-cats are good for architecture": when we "settle into the role of superior scoffer, we fail to look in the mirror at ourselves, and trouble our own unquestioned values and supposed superiority."

•   Sullivan takes on architecture and a "bunker mentality" amidst the gun control debate: "Instead of panic rooms in every home and classroom, we need more symbols of awareness. Instead of new building codes and bulletproof doors, let's open the shades on who we are."

•   Litt cheers Corner's latest plans to revamp Cleveland's Public Square - "part of what has become a loosely organized civic movement."

•   Calys gives thumbs-up to the Exploratorium's new home on San Francisco's waterfront, another winner in a decade of "a veritable torrent of museum building activity" in the city.

•   Hume hails Toronto's new Bridgepoint Health Care Centre as "a milestone in healthy human architecture" - from now on, "there can be no excuses for horrible hospitals or medical mediocrity."

•   Lubenau visits another Bruner Award finalist site, Via Verde: it "illustrates another approach to designing affordable, sustainable housing."

•   Brussat continues his ruminations on Chicago and the Driehaus Prize, and bemoans the "kidnapping" of Louis Sullivan by modern architecture, and "the purposeful misinterpretation" of his words.

•   Eyefuls of the AIA 2013 Small Project Award winners (great presentation!).

•   A good reason to head to Sarasota next week: Docomomo U.S. National Symposium 2013: Modern Matters.

•   One we couldn't resist: Q&A Part Deux with the ever-prickly TJ Plunkitt (not a lot to do with architecture or planning, but always amusing).

•   Call for entries: WAF's INSIDE World Interior of the Year Awards 2013.


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