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Today’s News - Wednesday, April 10, 2013

•   A sad news day: Brake and Capps pay tribute to Soleri, the mastermind behind Arcosanti (and so much more).

•   On a brighter note, Woodman gets behind the movement to get Scott Brown her Pritzker: "This egregious oversight has been attributed to sexism but its larger failure is one of blindness to the collaborative nature of architecture" (5,000+ have signed the petition so far - including yours truly, of course).

•   Dowling reports on Australian research that shows "if you design suburbs so walking to public transport, shops and parks is an easy option, people will walk."

•   Dittmar visits Canberra and gets "a fresh perspective on the development of garden cities, and some concerns about the new wave of enthusiasm for them. I want to cheer for new garden cities, as an idealist and lover of the picturesque, but I am a doubter."

•   Badger explores a new study into "why some cities - and neighborhoods - have so much more 'urban nature' than others."

•   Florida cheers a new report that "traces the decline of downtown San Jose - other cities and redevelopment agencies can take lessons from the city's history."

•   Lackmeyer traces the "long struggle" of Oklahoma City's UpTown and a growing momentum to bring it back to life.

•   Jacobs parses the "newest trend in urban development - micro units. Now that cities are reviving, maybe this incorrigibly macro nation of ours can begin thinking micro. Hallelujah!" (with a few caveats).

•   Ingersoll hails the architecture and landscape of the Louvre-Lens: "a mystery lurks beneath the seemingly impossible lightness and thinness of the volumes and elements" (it "feels like drinking Champagne").

•   Loyola University to build a new business school and apartment building in Chicago's (already "congested") Gold Coast.

•   Eyefuls of the Lufthansa Aviation Center's interior gardens based on landscape-scenes from five continents, combining "the elegance of the aircraft construction with the needs of a modern, ecological and economical office building."

•   Green shares Friedberg's "journey of ideas - he has always been interested in the social side of design - how people use his spaces."

•   Hill's Q&A with Finch re: the past, present and future of the World Architecture Festival and the Inside Festival.

•   One we couldn't resist: a vertiginous (and sometimes rather gloomy) fly-through of what the One World Trade Observation Deck will be like.


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