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Today’s News - Thursday, January 31, 2013

•   Quirk x 2: a thoughtful, in-depth search to answer the question: "does designing out tragedy truly help to prevent violence in the future?" + An architect offers 8 things domestic violence shelters can teach us about secure school design.

•   Denvir digs deep into what Youngstown, Ohio, is doing to "shrink and flourish."

•   Green reports on the recent Transforming Transportation conference to find out "what can more cities do to become a Melbourne, not a Moscow?" (step #1: stop counting on the 'U.S. car-centric model").

•   Wainwright bemoans a new U.K. law allowing office buildings to be turned into residential buildings without planning permission, "the latest step in a piecemeal erosion of the planning system."

•   Selin Davis cheers the "search of 'Eldertopia'": "cutting edge strategies for aging-in-place are coming from an unlikely source: the university classroom."

•   Kennicott cheers Holl's "modest, pragmatic and surgical addition" to the "big and plug-ugly box of blank marble" that is the Kennedy Center.

•   Zongker says the biggest challenge could be winning approval for a floating performance stage on the Potomac River; Holl says: "I'm ready for the fight."

•   St. Louis Public Library "removes its dust jacket for an inspired renewal - the result is nothing short of transformative" (it's gorgeous!).

•   A new medical center in San Antonio "incorporates amenities that cater to a luxury lifestyle."

•   Betsky has some issues with Koolhaas's plans for the 2014 Venice Biennale to be "about 'architecture, not architects.' To that, I say: Give me a break."

•   If preservationists had issues with the previous mayor of Moscow, things are even worse now with "the final, shameful 'blitzkrieg' of city authorities" against the historic city.

•   A new report illustrates how Naples is slowly dying of neglect.

•   A most impressive list of finalists vying for the 2013 Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence.

•   One we couldn't resist: eyefuls of an amazing "Las Vegas-style" snow festival in a "gritty, grubby, bitter-cold city" in northern China (very cool - literally and figuratively).

•   Call for entries: National Design Ideas Competition for a new Prime Minister's Lodge in Canberra, Australia.


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