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Today’s News - Wednesday, January 30, 2013

•   Not a lot of happy campers today: Kimmelman has issues with Foster's plan for the New York Public Library: "this hardly seems the best he can do. The designs have all the elegance and distinction of a suburban mall" (are library officials suffering "a form of architectural Stockholm syndrome"?).

•   Farrelly is left flat by the Shard: looking at London, "I think, you have all this, and you do that?" (illustration and opening are a hoot!)

•   Becker takes an in-depth look at the history and future of Chicago's Wolf Point: "On this once-in-a-lifetime blank canvass, redefining Chicago's civic character for a new century, is this really the best we can do?"

•   Calatrava defends his huge fees and gigantic budget for Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences.

•   Vadukut has a most interesting take on India's "obsession with 'getting things done'" and why it should matter to urban planners: there's a "problem with the jugaad approach."

•   Glasgow's City Council leader apparently had "a fit of pique" when jury didn't pick his favorite design for George Square.

•   McAslan revamps plans for George Square "in a bid to win over the city."

•   To happier news: Bernstein cheers Kennedy Center picking Holl's plan "to bring the art of architecture back to life."

•   Campbell gives two thumbs-up's (and then some) to Ennead's Yale University Art Gallery that proves an "architectural truth - form doesn't necessarily follow function."

•   Litt lights up at the transformation of Cleveland's Transformer Station, the "latest example of art as an economic development tool."

•   Wise waxes poetic about Casa Malaparte on Capri, "a strangely exhibitionistic stage for the solitary life of a writer" (a "besotted Indian art collector plans to build a replica on the Ganges").

•   Cheng elaborates on the University of Minnesota College of Design's new MS-RP program to shorten the path to licensure.

•   Betsky begs to differ: "While I applaud the basic idea of the University of Minnesota's new program, I have a fundamental problem with its implications."

•   Looming deadline reminders: ASLA 2013 Professional Awards + FIGMENT 2013 Minigolf Course on Governors Island in NYC.


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