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Today’s News - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

•   ENR offers extensive news, analysis, and resources re: Hurricane Sandy recovery: it has "changed the nature of the debate over infrastructure and how to protect lives and property."

•   Bernstein on Sandy's impact: street-front locations may no longer be prize real estate (and Governors Island's Leslie Koch is glad she hired a Dutchman).

•   The superstorm puts in jeopardy the "biggest lakefront redevelopment project between Chicago and Milwaukee."

•   A fascinating look (great slide show) of storm surge barriers around the world that actually work.

•   Climate strategist Cohen comes up with a Top 10 list of the smartest European cities "working the hardest to be the most advanced urban landscape."

•   Bergen finds a "city of architects" in India: "Young architects passing through Auroville are taking the lessons of sustainability and innovation back to urban centers."

•   Lackmeyer doesn't mind that Oklahoma City's "first truly mixed-use urban neighborhood" is "partially based on a memory that isn't completely real."

•   Q&A with Speck re: walkable cities: "doctors, economists, scientists have begun to realize that [walkable] neighborhoods are much more sustainable environmentally, much more successful economically, and much, much better for us in terms of our health."

•   Hume fumes over Toronto's decision to remove bike lanes: "it's self-destructive. It empowers drivers as it disenfranchises cyclists and pedestrians. How stupid is that?" (that's one of his more calm sentiments).

•   A good reason to head to Kansas City early December: City Age: The Summit on the New American City conference.

•   Davidson finds "an unexpected monument" in H&deM's Parrish Art Museum with its "subtlety and sophistication smuggled into the plain shed," and proves that sometimes "imagination costs less and is worth more than sumptuous materials and showy design."

•   Eisenhower Memorial approval delayed (again) as the general's family continues to say the design is "too extravagant"; the commission "made serious attempts" to address their concerns: "We have not received a single substantive comment from the family. They have expressed only opposition."

•   In Illinois, not all are pleased that plans for an arts center have been "wiped off Rock Valley College's drawing board": "Jeanne Gang is going to be the Frank Lloyd Wright of our generation. I'd just hate to lose this opportunity and look back in 20 years and say oh, we let that one get away."

•   Meanwhile, in Ohio, Kent State University picks a fine list of finalists in competition to design its new College of Architecture and Design.

•   The Chicago Architectural Club announces the winners of the "2012 Chicago Prize Competition: Future Prentice."

•   The U.K.'s ARB to set new rules "to prevent repeat of Piano/Libeskind gaffe" (a.k.a. "fiasco") when it asked BD to stop calling them architects.

•   Kieran Long named senior curator of architecture, design and digital at V&A: he wants to use the position to "wage war on parochialism" in design (our heartiest congrats!).

•   After 25 years, Adele Chatfield-Taylor will be stepping down as president of the American Academy in Rome next year; a search committee will begin "a wide and comprehensive search" for her successor in January.

•   One we couldn't resist: Kapoor gathers fellow artists to take part in Gangnam Style video parody to show solidarity with Ai Weiwei (link to Ai Weiwei's own Gangnam video - a hoot!).


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