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Today’s News - Monday, November 19, 2012

•   ArcSpace brings us Casanova + Hernandez's Ceramic Museum and Mosaic Garden in Jinzhou, China, and Maltzan's Playa Vista Park in California.

•   AIArchitect's special issue on "design for the common good" is packed with information and inspiration (and well worth bookmarking and spending time with).

•   Fairs offers a most interesting Q&A with Neri and Hu: "Architects in China are lost" and "need to develop their own design manifesto to stem the tide of 'half-assed' building projects in the country" + link to Chen: "China needs to slow down."

•   Rural treats taking over city streets in Britain: meadows next to tower blocks and lots of farmers' markets - "cities can't seem to get enough of the countryside."

•   Hume cheers plans for Toronto's Queens Quay makeover from "a messy and dysfunctional downtown thoroughfare" into an "elegant" boulevard: "There won't be less traffic, but it will be friendlier."

•   An international shortlist of 5 vie to bring Lexington, Kentucky's now-buried Town Branch Creek to the surface with visions for a two-mile stretch of green space through downtown.

•   Saffron cheers 4 teams' visions to revive Philly's "comatose boulevard" (South Broad Street) with "quickie, low-cost improvements," though "the problem now is that there is a real danger in overestimating the healing power of parks" + 2 of the 4 tied for first place.

•   A landscape architect has big plans to transform swaths of scrubgrass brownfield around a massive affordable housing development in Brooklyn.

•   Heathcote is practically head-over-heels with what some architects, artists - and scientists - are doing with concrete: "the delight is in seeing something delicate or traditionally crafted made from a material as clunky as concrete" (microbes included).

•   Metcalfe muses on Hadid's Tokyo National Stadium that "looks like a xenomorphic dreadnaught flown in from Nebulon 7" - it's also "magnificent but slightly fear-breeding" (with pix to prove it).

•   Cox careens around Hadid's Broad Museum at MSU: "As a work of architecture, it is delightfully bad at being Midwestern"; it is "also challenging as a place to view art. Like Hadid herself, the interior can't help but steal the limelight" (also with pix to prove it).

•   Architect and former RIBA president George Ferguson (of red-trouser fame) overcomes 5-to-1 odds to be elected mayor of Bristol, U.K.

•   With only a few days left, Menking and Chan weigh in on Cooper Union's Scolari exhibition: "His theoretical and historical musings about architecture and the modern city could not appear at a more appropriate time."

•   Litt lauds Speck's "Walkable City": a "refreshing, lively and engaging new book" that "isn't a harangue, it's a fun, readable and persuasive call to arms."

•   Call for entries (registration or submission deadlines loom!): BMW Guggenheim Lab International Design Competition: redesign one of Mumbai's busiest transportation hubs + 2013 Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence + 2012 Western Red Cedar Architectural Design Awards + RFP: Design and the Learning Environment proposals to complete an environmental scan and literature review of current research.


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