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Today’s News - Friday, November 16, 2012

•   Weinstein muses on Heathcote's elegant meditation "on the symbols and myths infusing domestic design" in "The Meaning of Home" (with a dab of "dissing of Modernism").

•   Laccetti takes on how Hurricane Sandy "reveals the peril of density" and the "insane overdevelopment of our Atlantic shoreline" (but we wonder if density is really the problem - building so close to the water seems the bigger issue - to us, anyway).

•   Filler finds inspiration in an Oslo exhibition that shows how "the urgent needs that follow large-scale catastrophes can be particularly conducive to creative solutions" with "breakthroughs in architecture and industrial design."

•   Welton is wowed by Höweler + Yoon's "Shareway" that won the Audi Urban Future Award competition "handily" by approaching "the global problem of increasing road traffic with an elegant, revolutionary solution."

•   Saffron explains "two equally seductive visions" for Philly's old Reading Railroad viaduct; one is a "low-line companion to the city's planned high line," the other a new high-speed bus line - both have "gripped local imaginations."

•   Are Australian universities too much in the thrall of overseas starchitects, or would they be better served by local talent?

•   A curious theory (that we're not so sure we buy into): in San Francisco, life without starchitects is just fine: "distinctive architecture is conspicuously lacking in the high-rise building boom."

•   A judge grants temporary landmark status to Goldberg's Prentice Women's Hospital: "I'm not trying to prevent Northwestern from using the property as they see fit. I'm trying to get it right."

•   Bernstein reports on the Chicago Architecture Foundation/AIA Chicago's "Reconsidering an Icon" exhibition presenting alternate proposals for Prentice "despite Northwestern University's recalcitrance."

•   City of Dreams Pavilion 2012-2013 winner "Head in the Clouds" will be heading to Governors Island next summer (full disclosure: yours truly was a juror and gave it two thumbs-up!).

•   An impressive list of winners in the inaugural Stanford White Awards for Excellence in Classical and Traditional Design (alas, no pix).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Trailers for 15 "must-see films focused on one of the most enigmatic and conflicted characters in the world: the architect."

•   Badger cheers "Grand Reductions" at San Francisco's SPUR: it "showcases the simple visualizations of complex ideas that have changed how we live" + the "fascinating" exhibit "unravels the ideals and anxieties lurking behind seemingly unassuming maps."

•   Moonan marvels at Yale's George Nelson show that "illustrates a full-range of design invention; "He was a curator of life," says Stern." "Amen," says Moonan.

•   Grabar has great fun at the NBM's "Play Work Build" show of a huge architectural toy collection: "a history of American architectural toys is a social history" (great pix, too!).

•   Rago is enraptured by the 3-D glow-in-the-dark "Buckyball" in NYC's Madison Square Park, "its trippiest display yet (we've seen it - and it is!).

•   Elias Redstone's "Archizines" exhibition in Dublin offers Irish architects novel ways "to break a few moulds without having to break ground."

•   Lange queries Watts about her book on photographer Maynard L. Parker: "He was a merchandiser, showing people what they should buy and how they should live."

•   Editor's note: this morning we witnessed (with some sadness) the wrapping, chopping down, and carting away of a neighbor's magnificent pine tree - but it's going to be the 2012 Bryant Park Christmas Tree!


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