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Today’s News - Thursday, November 15, 2012

•   How to help in the wake of Hurricane Sandy: Arch Record has pulled together a list of organizations helping communities affected by the storm.

•   Urban Omnibus and Fast Co. offer terrific round-ups of reports, news, info, etc. re: the "Frankenstorm."

•   Hadid wins competition to design Tokyo's $1.62 billion national stadium: "The judges were taken by the fluidity and novelty of the design, and how it complements the city's crowded geographic and cultural landscape" (another report called it a "bicycle helmet").

•   Two designs tie for 1st Prize in the 2012 Cleveland Design Competition: Transforming the Bridge: both "highlighted the bridge as a catalyst for urban reinvigoration."

•   British firms are being encouraged to seek work in Iraq: "UK firms need to sell themselves as well as the Americans. They are not as boastful but if there is liquidity, whoever is there will get the job."

•   An eyeful of Scheeren's plans for twin towers in Singapore "linked together by a 'new civil nucleus.'"

•   Brussat bemoans New York brownstones "now under attack" by Modernists: "Change needn't be aggressive."

•   Experience and youth find common ground: "the hierarchy and pecking order at many firms is taking a back seat to the collaborative process."

•   Lubell cheers plans to transform billboards in L.A. and across the country into suspended bamboo gardens.

•   An intriguing Q&A with Pritzker winner Wang Shu: "we have the real things, then we demolish them, and then we rebuild fake things. It's really stupid...people have lost their value system...they just want it fast."

•   The Salk Institute's Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture names a new president.

•   frog's Collective Action Toolkit, released today, is "an open-source guide to design thinking for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds to tackle tough problems in their own communities - it's free (and "contains nary a mention of design or brainstorming").

•   Move over Architect Barbie: GoldieBlox is "a girl-friendly engineering toy" to "turn young girls toward engineering" - designed by a female engineer, no less.

•   One we couldn't resist: Bey brings us a vintage video of Goldberg's Marina City in honor of its 50th anniversary (the aerials are very cool - but "funky and overstuffed late 1960s interiors" sorta make our teeth ache).

•   Call for entries: Flat Lot Competition: Re-Imagine the Parking Lot in Flint, MI + 2nd Annual Folly Competition for NYC's Socrates Sculpture Park (both international).


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