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Today’s News - Wednesday, November 14, 2012

•   McEwen ponders post-Sandy: "perhaps New Yorkers and the rest of the country are ready to talk honestly and admit that sandbags in urban flood-zones are just not good enough."

•   Meanwhile, an in-depth (and engrossing) look at how NYC's art community "is digging out, drying off, counting its losses, helping its neighbors"; MoMA's "Rising Currents" is receiving renewed attention, with Bergdoll wanting to do more than just another panel discussion: "I'm trying to figure out what that is."

•   Bingler returns from the Biennale's "Common Ground" with a most thoughtful take "on the urgent need to create a new common edge of forward looking ideology and civic responsibility."

•   McDonald delves into what Dublin needs to truly be "a well-functioning capital city - but suburban sprawl, poor transport and weak administration are dragging the city down" (at least it hasn't turned into "something like Pittsburgh").

•   Moore has mixed feelings about plans for London's Nine Elms neighborhood: "The engagement of eminent architects will probably lead to some sort of stylishness but it is not leading to much increase in urban intelligence."

•   500 meters of industrial railway track will be Sydney's version of New York's High Line, a.k.a. The Goods Line.

•   Detroit's newest attraction soon to open: "Urban Put-Put": a miniature golf course designed by architecture and graphic design students using a salvaged car wreck, burned-out house, an abandoned toilet, and bikes (with nary a windmill in sight).

•   Barnett sizes up a number of Ivy League campus expansion plans: could they soon be outdated with the expansion of new online capabilities? No.

•   Mayne "downplays the role of aesthetics" with his building for the Cornell NYC Tech on Roosevelt Island; he's more "interested in a new paradigm that combines architecture and planning in a hybrid space."

•   Wainwright tours the Royal College of Art's "swanky arts factory": after some "teething problems have been mostly rectified, the occasional clunks and contradictions of this intriguing hybrid building" make it "a messy powerhouse of creativity."

•   Eye candy for the day: 10 university buildings "that actually make you want to go to class."

•   A great round-up of new home trends: Living Architecture; building for rising sea levels; off-grid; bamboo; etc.

•   Chaban on Foster's first U.S. apartment building: it "seems to strike the proper balance of brash understatement."

•   Lackmeyer looks into Oklahoma City's plans to move ahead with a new convention center: relying on some questionable data, it might not be such a good idea.

•   Chan offers a most eloquent explanation of "why the unbuilt visions of Lebbeus Woods matter."

•   Re: Niemeyer: Don't believe the rumors! "Risk of death? In no time was it considered."

•   Mystery buyer of Wright's Phoenix house drops out, and it's back on the market for the same $2.38 million.

•   Want an FLW but don't like the desert: "Only 50 miles away from Manhattan - or a mere 15 minute luxury helicopter ride" is his Petra Island house - for sale for a mere $20 million.


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