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Today’s News - Thursday, October 11, 2012

•   Long makes his pick for the Stirling Prize, and offers a very interesting riff on RIBA's Royal Gold Medal.

•   Rochon sees the Mirvish/Gehry plan for Toronto's theater district as "an architectural challenge" that "will require Toronto's planners and politicians to match the team's faith in urban ambition."

•   Brussat explains why he likes to "pick on Gehry" (a bit - no, very harsh).

•   Wainwright is not totally won over by Piano's new Oslo art gallery: it is "a strangely soulless place" hoping "to play the role of glamorous civic savior," but is more "a well-tailored envelope covering a vapid haul of corporate cultural capital."

•   Kennicott makes the case that a Georgetown heating plant, a "mothballed gem of federal architecture," could be D.C.'s own Tate Modern - it's a "once-in-a-generation opportunity shouldn't be squandered."

•   Piiparinan and Trubek outline the "perils of Rust Belt memes" favored by the national press: "coverage of ruin and revival gloss over deeper truths about these cities," and "can be as problematic as the 'ruin porn' ones."

•   Nelson explains the plight - and pluck - of some Detroit neighborhoods: "Ah, collaboration - hardly a novel idea around these parts" (nary a meme in sight).

•   Gallagher cheers "new life for an old Detroit landmark" that fits into "wider plans to remake the Detroit riverfront."

•   Speaking of national press and the Rust Belt, Arch Record highlights three cities in its New Life for the American City series, but penned by locals who know: Litt, O'Toole, and Lackmeyer.

•   Moore considers the impending Kingdom Tower in Jeddah set to be the world's tallest skyscraper: "Should we celebrate egoism?" Height does not necessarily equal quality.

•   Williams and Tsien's Logan Center at U. of C. "adds another landmark to the university's architecturally rich campus": the "mixing bowl for the arts" opens tomorrow with a three-day arts festival.

•   Flint makes the case that FLW and Corbu "have earned a place in history."

•   King cheers FLW's Marin Civic Center at 50: "the building is an old-fashioned joy to experience on foot" (even though "some aspects have not weathered well").

•   Woodman is heartened that Kahn's Four Freedoms Park "accurately reflects its architect's design" (not the case with some other projects "designed by celebrated architects but realized posthumously").

•   King says "CityTarget store makes Metreon a better box: An improvement, but also a reminder that you can only do so much with a box that shouldn't be there in the first place," but it "might become an integral part of downtown San Francisco after all."

•   Winners all: WAF 2012 Awards + 28 projects honored in 2012 Auckland Architecture Awards: "just as fine wine comes from scrappy soil, so good architecture emerges from challenging circumstances."

•   Call for entries: Architizer A+ Awards to be juried by "architects, thought leaders and the people who actually hire architects."


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