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Today’s News - Wednesday, October 10, 2012

•   ARB's chief executive explains the e-mail to BD re: "architect" as adjective: "We should have been more cautious so that we get the right message across at the right time, and for that I apologize" (perhaps using Piano as an example was not such a good idea).

•   Greenberg on Gehry's "extreme makeover" of Toronto's entertainment district: "Change at this scale and rate can be terrifying" (never mind the lack of infrastructure and the prospect of a "bait and switch").

•   Mays weighs in with a reminder for critics: the Mirvish/Gehry "proposal has come forward from the significant history of Toronto's long-term modernizing (and Americanizing) of itself."

•   Moore mulls the prospect of prefab skyscrapers leading to "zombie architecture": "questions turn to whether this kind of 'off-the-shelf' architecture will add to boring and soulless regions," and "whether architecture will become less relevant."

•   A Rio favela once terrorized by drug gangs gets a cinema on a square that has now been "reclaimed by the community as a public space."

•   Wainwright is wowed by [Y/N] Studio's entry in the High Line for London competition: "What other redundant bits of London's infrastructure could be transformed into functional and recreational routes?"

•   A look at why other cities are looking to replicate the High Line's success: "the first thing for any would-be imitator to bear in mind is that it took a great deal of cash to make it happen."

•   Bestor's Blackbirds development "gives a single-family look to high-density housing" in L.A., "hoping to turn a one-acre hillside parcel into a prime example of smart growth."

•   Kansas City, Mo., has high hopes of building a National Museum of Suburbia, but critics claim "there is plenty of real suburb in these parts already."

•   Olcayto parses Stirling Prize jurors' comments: when one "says there are a couple of buildings 'we already know won't win', we can be fairly sure he's talking about the Olympic Stadium and New Court" + Videos of the Lyric Theatre and other nominees.

•   Calys cheers that Berkeley's cherished 1903 Greek Theatre "will stand when the big one hits" (with a great video of how the "clever" seismic upgrade was done).

•   IIT's new Dean Arets promises to shake things up at its architecture school: "We have stable ground here and an incredibly interesting intellectual climate in which to do research."

•   Goldberger will "focus on the need for expertise in media" when he accepts his Vincent Scully Prize.

•   One we couldn't resist: tool around Rauzier's amazing - no, breathtaking - hyperphotos (today's must-see!).

•   Deadline reminders: Call for entries: The Battery Conservancy Americas Design Competition + Gowanus by Design's Water_Works Open Design and Planning Competition (deadline extended!).


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