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Today’s News - Monday, October 8, 2012

•   ArcSpace brings us stunning eyefuls of Amsterdam's new Stedelijk Museum, and Meier's OCT Clubhouse in Shenzhen.

•   Saffron cheers the Barclays Center: it "manages to be both glam and gritty, foreign and familiar. It contains Brooklyn in all its multitudes" (it also "resembles a duck-billed platypus").

•   Brandes Gratz, on the other hand, considers the entire Atlantic Yards project the "Great Brooklyn Bait-and-Switch": "nothing is, or ever will be, as promised. Much more is lost than is gained, including the opportunity to do it right with minimum damage."

•   It seems that Major League Soccer is so taken by the arena that it has tapped SHoP to design a new stadium in Queens.

•   Hume high-fives Gehry's Toronto mega-project that "will change the way the world perceives this city - as well as Canada itself...the stage is set for this to be one of Gehry's most brilliant efforts ever."

•   Heathcote finds Piano's new museum on Oslo's waterfront to be "a sophisticated, elegant, not at all challenging work, a remix of familiar Pianesque elements" that "suffers in comparison with Snøhetta's subversive opera house."

•   Litt x 3: the new, "darkly elegant" MOCA Cleveland is "a powerful, multifaceted presence, but it's also elusive, challenging and ever-changing" + with Moussavi, "you get something different every time" because she "has avoided giving her buildings a signature look."

•   He's a bit disappointed that Cleveland State University is "playing it safe" in its selection of a shortlist for signature a project that has "lowered the odds for a truly great piece of architecture. Why has CSU put itself in the position of choosing from three predictable design teams that will have to avoid repeating what they've already done in Cleveland?"

•   LeBlanc gives thumbs-up to University of Toronto's New College Wilson Hall: it is "an easy space to love. Best of all, this intervention - and the others - don't distract from the 1960s design language."

•   Murray reports from Geli of Cloud 9's WAF keynote, where he "called on the profession to design out climate change. 'Are we interested in global warming, or are we interested only in our fees?'"

•   Cary and Martin expound on the crisis facing the "relatively young field of public-interest design: interest in human-centered design far outpaces the formal opportunities" - and kudos to those trying to change that.

•   Columbia's Urban Design Lab issues "Destination Sud: Haiti," a study to "promote touristic activity as a tool for development that 'protects and enhances the environment, stimulates economic growth, promotes education and creates sustainable jobs.'"

•   Buchanan puts architectural education front and center: it "must be radically reconsidered, through a new, more fully human paradigm that engages with society and culture."

•   Lubell likes what he sees going on at UCLA's Suprastudio this year: Denari has students thinking way outside their comfort zones, with lots of "opportunities to make mistakes, get frustrated, and eventually have things fall into place like puzzle pieces."

•   The University of Houston's Graduate Design/Build Studio's Peters has students creating amenities for local schools, parks and non-profits: "students respond well to the challenges of real-world projects. They're not making paper projects that stay on a shelf."

•   Young Cameroonians now have a place to study architecture closer to home.

•   A young Somali-born, London-based architect credits his mentors, and has taken up the mentoring mantle himself.

•   Two good reasons to be on two sides of the globe this week: 2012 DesignPhiladelphia offers "an impressively democratic array of design events" + 100% Design Singapore 2012 kicks off.

•   Call for entries: The 2013 Palladio Awards Honoring Excellence in Traditional Design.


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