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Today’s News - Friday, October 5, 2012

•   Maltzan snags commission to design U.S. Embassy annex in Paris.

•   An impressive list of architects is transforming the Lyon Confluence district into a "genuine cultural hub," and "one of Europe's boldest city-center urban developments."

•   St. Louis preservationists cheer the salvation of two of the city's "strangest and most recognizable mid-century modern buildings" (a flying saucer included).

•   A downtown Philadelphia project is "using kids as designers, planners and builders" (can we join the fun?).

•   TCLF releases its Landslide 2012 list of endangered landscapes (Pennsylvania Avenue, Nasher Sculpture Garden, and Jones Beach included!).

•   A young Brazilian architect wins competition to design the golf clubhouse for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

•   Weekend diversions (and lots of 'em!):

•   This weekend: 6th Architecture Days in Moscow 2012 festival + openhousenewyork "is pulling out all the stops" + Open House Dublin: Architecture Alive!

•   Selin Davis explores the "tragedy of modern retirement communities" spotlighted in a new documentary: "At worst, it's an architecture of endemic loneliness, pitting our need for independence against our need for community."

•   Wainwright is practically singing in the rain in the "Rain Room" at the Barbican: it's "a startlingly surreal experience" (video makes us wish we could join the chorus!).

•   Lind cheers "Detroit Is No Dry Bones" and "Detroit Disassembled" at the National Building Museum that show how two "talented photographers work in this contested territory" (more than just "gorgeous ruin porn").

•   "Eero Saarinen: A Reputation for Innovation" at L.A.'s A+D museum "is unique in shedding light on the little known chapter of his secret professional life during the WWII...and his still very valid principles."

•   Kent finds optimism and joy wandering through "Building: Inside Studio Gang Architects" at the Art Institute of Chicago.

•   At Harvard's Gund Hall, "Tectonic Visions Between Land and Sea" explores the "floating worlds" and "metabolist ideals" of Kiyonori Kikutake.

•   "City of Mirages: Baghdad, 1952-1982" has landed at BSA Space, Boston.

•   Zara has a most amusing and thoughtful Q&A with Pesce re: his "6 Tables on Water" show in London, New York's place "as the center of the universe, and why architecture has yet to arrive in the 21st century."

•   "Thanks for the View, Mr Mies" x 2: architect Dittmer's take on living in Mies's Lafayette Park in Detroit - a place where the design itself encourages "a shared sense of intimacy that fosters community." + Lange's conversation with interior designer and resident Neal and her 12-year experience of "living and accessorizing with Mies."

•   Lanks luxuriates in the pages of "Concrete": it is a showcase of the "noble material" that "proves concrete can sing" (luscious slide show, too).

•   Goldring finds a few good things to say about Scolari's "Oblique Drawing," though "his 'story' overwhelms when it should instruct, perplexes when it should illuminate."

•   Heathcote's second excerpt from "The Meaning of Home" explores two houses that "hide extraordinary interiors...The most affecting spaces are the architectures of love."


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