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Today’s News - Tuesday, September 4, 2012

•   ArcSpace offers a stunning church in China and an Eliasson encyclopedia.

•   We lose much too soon a master of luxurious minimalism.

•   It's a most-of-our-faves-are-back-from-Venice kind of day: Hawthorne, Heathcote, Merrick, Moore, Pearman, Baillieu, Murray - and a first-timer from Australia - are all at their most eloquent (and all well worth reading! more will surely follow...).

•   Lubell has a few issues with architects who concentrate on installation design, warning it "shouldn't take architecture's place"; otherwise, "somebody's going to continue to form the built environment. It just won't be our most innovative architects."

•   Graves bemoans the "lost art of drawing": the computer "is encroaching on the most powerful tool in architecture."

•   Hanscom offers up the lessons other cities can learn from "factors dampening Seattle's green-building aspirations"; lesson #1: "Green buildings freak out the code cops."

•   Doig delves into Chicago's experiment in mixed-income housing: "the social engineering that the city was counting on isn't happening...and its outcome could influence other new public housing projects across the country."

•   Florida looks into the reasons high-tech companies are opting for urban digs rather than office parks: "escaping sprawl is only part of the explanation."

•   Arieff explains how Facebook is playing it safe in choosing Gehry for its new HQ: "The choice might have been 'game-changing' two decades ago. Today, it's a safe bet."

•   Grossman reports on the heated debate re: Chicago's Prentice hospital only getting hotter before the landmarks panel meeting (that may - or may not - happen Thursday).

•   A corrected link to news re: Goldberger being named the NBM's 14th Laureate of the Vincent Scully Prize (apologies for glitch in last Thursday's news).

•   London Met hits back against student deportation threat + architecture dean says most of the students were being found places in other London universities.


Architecture for Humanity - Philippines Floods Response

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