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Today’s News - Thursday, August 30, 2012

EDITOR'S NOTE: We're taking tomorrow and Monday (U.S. Labor Day) off. We'll be back Tuesday, September 4. Happy Weekend!

•   Prix minces no words about what he calls the "banal" Biennale: "architects are playing on a sinking gondola while, outside in the real world, our leaky trade is sinking into powerlessness and irrelevance."

•   Rose x 2 from Venice: he's more optimistic about things: "the big names are starting to look like architecture's 1%" and "there are moments of sheer delight and amazement" + he gives a mixed review to the "filmic fare" on view: sometimes, "mixing design and documentary can be a bad move."

•   Rawsthorn raves about Carlo Scarpa on view all over Venice.

•   Paul Goldberger receives the 2012 Vincent Scully Prize (heartiest bravos and kudos, say we!).

•   Hume ponders whether old Toronto can survive the new: "the question of heritage looms larger, if not taller, than ever" because developers "haven't figured out how to make money without wreaking havoc on the existing streetscape."

•   From preservation battle fronts: Kass makes a pitch to preservationists that they're wrong in their efforts to save Goldberg's Prentice Women's Hospital: "don't sacrifice the future to save the past."

•   The demise of Neutra's Cyclorama at Gettysburg now "appears imminent."

•   Brussat is inspired by a young architect's alternative vision for the now long-vacant Pruitt-Igoe site (of course, the original project's modernism "was a major factor in its failure").

•   Rybczynski ruminates on the "style wars" between classicists and modernists that, in truth, "widely misses the mark...It is clients, not competing architects, who are the key to a style's survival."

•   Calys has high hopes for a new park to be carved out of "leftover land under elevated roads and off ramps" in San Francisco.

•   Badger brings us a slew of the "next generation of DIY urbanism projects" (move over, parklets - make room for the PPPlanter!).

•   An amusing Q&A with Levete: '"Who do I admire? Zaha Hadid: for her tenacity, her work - and her girly gossip."

•   Grim news for a lot of foreign students at London Met: deportation rather than graduation could be their future.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Bentley cheers the "Skyscraper: Art and Architecture against Gravity" exhibition in Chicago that "does not focus on formal beauty...Instead, the show's artists dwell on ideas of memory, isolation, and reinvention."

•   A Parisian artist fills Neutra's VDL House with "pieces that encapsulate the architect's vision."

•   Capps gives thumbs-up to "Beyond the Parking Lot: The Change and Reassessment of Our Modern Landscape": "Dyed-in-the-wool urbanists may already know the answer to this show's question...but even they might appreciate a demonstration that looks beyond charts and graphs."

•   Q&A with Frampton re: "Five North American Architects."

•   Welton is taken by a new tome on photographer Balthazar Korab, who "led a charmed life, if an initially difficult one."


Architecture for Humanity - Philippines Floods Response

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