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Today’s News - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

•   ArcSpace brings us Plant's winery planted into a hill in Hungary.

•   Merkel offers and eloquent tribute to Henry Stolzman: "his generosity was extraordinary" (we couldn't agree more, and are truly, truly sad).

•   Berg looks at Abu Dhabi's efforts to save its "disappearing past...When old isn't that old, should the past be preserved?" (w/link to another "fascinating" article by John Henzell - both must-reads!).

•   Goldberger weighs in on the fight to save Chicago's Prentice Women's Hospital: "it's possible to preserve it for a new use - it just takes some imagination. And that's just what seems lacking right now in the nation's first city of architecture."

•   Palafox urges Filipinos to turn to "adaptive architecture" to cope with flooding, which "seems to have joined death and taxes in the ranks of the inevitable."

•   Perine offers London a lesson from New York: "If you face a housing crisis, setting guidelines for minimum unit sizes is not the answer."

•   Hatherley has an interesting take on the Bluewater mall in Kent, U.K.: it's "a kind of undemocratic city" that is "not merely a shopping mall, but something much more ambitious."

•   An architect laments the lack of focus on actual architectural design when it comes to public meetings: though the process is "laudable" in principle, they "have become pro forma" and "the tone is often hostile."

•   Dvir looks at Israel's modern necropolises and how "high-density burial offers new architectural potential" and "presents an urban challenge as well."

•   Schwartz brings us an eyeful of a dorm in Denmark that "you wish you lived in."

•   Controversy swirls around an architect's winning design for (and placement of) a memorial to drug war victims in Mexico.

•   Reinmuth and Burke explain how they found "common ground" for Australia's role at the Venice Biennale: "Architecture is understood here not as buildings but as a discipline."

•   AIA announces the 2012 CAE Educational Facility Design Award winners + Eyefuls of Australia's 2012 AILA National Awards in Landscape Architecture.

•   One we couldn't resist: Pogrebin reports on a Japanese artist building a living room 60 feet above Columbus Circle (TV included).


Architecture for Humanity - Philippines Floods Response

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