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Today’s News - Tuesday, August 14, 2012

•   ArcSpace brings us Plant's winery planted into a hill in Hungary.

•   Davies takes issue with Farrelly's argument that London planned its Olympics better than Sydney did: "no two cities are alike at the fine-grain level."

•   An in-depth look at what happens next in East London now the Games are over: will the regeneration have "the hallmarks of Barcelona's transformation, or an empty and bedraggled temple to hubris of Athenian proportions?"

•   U.K.'s Article 25 to recycle some of the Olympic stadium wrapping for humanitarian projects in Uganda and Rio.

•   Chan parses what's in store for Rio with the 2016 Olympics master plan: expect "a calculated effort to develop a city, not just through Olympic hype, but through the concrete measures of architecture and urban design" (farmers' markets included).

•   NYC may have lost its 2012 Olympics bid, but it still has left an Olympic-sized legacy - Hudson Yards, a $15 billion, 26-acre "city within a city."

•   Chan also chomps on the "design evolution" of 1 WTC and the "saga of its tortuous realization...this may not be the Freedom Tower we've been waiting for."

•   Two young architects have high hopes of putting once-isolated Myanmar (a.k.a. Burma) on the architectural map as a "creative oasis": "We would like to stop the brain drain."

•   As its capital city Rangoon (a.k.a. Yangon) races into the future, there are fears of losing its stunning architectural past - the "largest collection of late 19th century and early 20th century urban architecture anywhere in Southeast Asia."

•   A Salt Lake City "architectural gem" faces demolition to make way for a performing arts center: "razing it is made easy because 'it doesn't exist in the mind's eye of the community'" (some would beg to differ).

•   Salt Lake City mayor to announce winning design team for the performing arts center today.

•   Saffron is not so thrilled with approval of a Delaware waterfront apartment complex: "its design violates some of the master plan's most cherished urban values" (and "sets the bar so low").

•   King is a bit more hopeful about proposed changes to San Francisco's Market Street (bike lanes included).

•   In Melbourne, a "formerly grimy space" under a new rail bridge is transformed into a public park that's "a bit cool, a bit grand...its success and popularity is achieved through what it is not."

•   Paris pedestrianizes the riverbanks along the Seine in an effort to reverse the city's "auto-centric planning mentality."

•   Moore minces no words about what he thinks of plan to redevelop the Southbank Centre: it is "sheer folly" and "would benefit from a level of architectural advice that it does not appear to be getting."

•   An eyeful of BIG's Blåvand Bunker Museum in Denmark.

•   A look at why unpaid internships are such a hot topic right now: "the practice of unpaid internships may soon become the contemporary equivalent of the entry-level job" (check out the infographic!).

•   Architecture for Humanity launches Philippines floods response program.

•   Call for entries: GSA issues RFI for ideas on how to preserve and reuse a beautiful historic courthouse in Miami.


Architecture for Humanity - Philippines Floods Response

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