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Today’s News - Monday, June 25, 2012

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of what will be a stunning arts center for Bordeaux by BIG and bunches of others.

•   We lose Kallmann, who "designed stately buildings like Boston City Hall" (and ever its defender).

•   Florida offers a preview or "The Creative Class, Revisited" 10 years later: "A new social compact can turn our Creative Economy into a just and Creative Society too, in which prosperity is widely shared. But this won't happen on its own."

•   Kotkin and Doig weigh in on the good news for Middle America, once considered "the ultimate in fly-over country," and its "surprising success story" - thanks in part to "boomerangers" returning home "not only with new degrees and skills, but a new appreciation for urban life."

•   Dunlap visits Maki's 4WTC, the "tower you may not see, assuming you've even heard of it - a building deliberately designed to be understated and deferential...'We like the idea of the building dematerializing'" (great pix).

•   Kamin gives a mixed review to Chicago's new Museum of Broadcast Communications: "At best, what we're seeing is a work in progress...At worst, it is the latest example of the overblown development of the boom years, a vanity project that's too big for its own good."

•   Rosenbaum goes back to the Barnes and finds it "a pleasant, relaxed visit. The majority of visitors, for whom the Philly facility will be their first encounter with the Barnes Collection, will never know what they're missing" (though she is concerned about security measures).

•   Brussat is bristling over Foster's plans for the New York Public Library: "If the two lions guarding the entrance were not marble, they would be roaring at a plan to save the library by destroying it."

•   Long picks his faves in the upcoming London Festival of Architecture: "LFA may be all about fantasy but it serves up food for thought. There's no politics here, no protest, just jolly, worthy architectural thinking."

•   Rose reviews the week, including his LFA picks, "it's Dame on for Zaha," RIBA Awards are "streamlined and the bar set higher," and a "farewell to Gunther Domenig."

•   Winners all: RIBA "re-evaluates entry system to eliminate 'soft' awards."

•   An impressive list of winners in inaugural RIAS Awards (some crossover to RIBA wins, too).

•   South Korea Culture Ministry announces winners of 2012 Young Architect Awards.

•   Kordalski's "sleek, elegant artistry" garners the Mid-Career Award in design from the 2012 Cleveland Arts Prize.

•   Two we couldn't resist: Prefab is the secret behind plans to build a tower taller than the Burj Khalifa - in 90 days (architect is "from Dubai") + An eyeful of "The Most Beautiful Outdoor Theaters in the World."


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