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Today’s News - Monday, June 18, 2012

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of Raimund Abraham's last (and soon to be completed) building.

•   Doig delves into "tactical urbanism" - a "low-cost, low-commitment, incremental approach to city building" (like pop-up parks, etc.) that "smart cities" are embracing.

•   Rochon x 2: the "power of pop-up architecture": it "can risk more - beginning with the need to invigorate neglected or marginalized public space right now."

•   She cheers the new "living roof" atop Mies's 1969 Toronto-Dominion Centre: "the oasis was surreal and thrilling"; and green roofs sprouting above universities, condominiums health-care facilities.

•   King gives (mostly) thumbs-up to San Francisco's new, green Public Utilities Commission building: even thought the "reality falls short of the early grand vision," it "still includes sustainable design features that push the norm" and "demonstrates how sustainability efforts have a positive architectural effect."

•   McEwen uses the recent Bab Al Bahrain Open Ideas Competition winning designs (that all effectively block public gatherings) to question architects' "responsibility to choose our projects wisely and to take responsibility for the potential society we help make possible."

•   A design for a Colombian favela brings into question the "fine line between positive inspiration and political incorrectness: does shedding a new and positive light on socially unjust living conditions aid in the removal of the stigma?"

•   Elsheshtawy sees a dusty Dubai neighborhood of "ageing concrete homes as a model for the way our cities should be built": "If you really want to study sustainable urbanism, you should study it here."

•   Badger explores how L.A.'s Skid Row Housing Trust projects for the homeless are changing lives - and NIMBY attitudes.

•   A look at how a small Norwegian firm is transforming the lives of needy communities in poor and underdeveloped countries.

•   How can Malaysia promote (and improve) its architecture? "The answer is simple: more competitions!"

•   Schumacher issues an eloquent call to save Saarinen's 1957 War Memorial ("the Calatrava of its time"): "Let's not neglect one of the best buildings - if not the best building - in Milwaukee" currently "in a shameful state of disrepair...let's move this tragedy-in-the-making to the top of the list of priorities."

•   de Monchaux gives a standing ovation to Hardy's Claire Tow Theater at Lincoln Center: it "has a self-evident inevitability that is the consequence of long experience and the confidence to make fewer moves."

•   Rose reviews the week that includes the revamped Kunsthalle Zurich, and "the end of the road for Glasgow's Red Road flats...As usual, you can't just blame the design" (NOT TO BE MISSED: link to amazing "exploding paint" Sony ad!!!).

•   Call her Dame Zaha now!

•   A sampling of the 23 Australian Institute of Architects' 2012 Tasmanian Architecture Awards.

•   Toronto's Pug Awards morph from snarky to warm and fuzzy.

•   Call for entries: deadline looms for Faith & Form/IFRAA International Awards Program for Religious Art & Architecture.


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