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Today’s News - Friday, June 15, 2012

•   Peirce parses cities' futures in this new age of violent storms and rising seas: "It's significant that world cities will be speaking up, demanding an urban focus at the Rio+20 environmental conference in Rio de Janeiro this week" (a good thing, since "cities' voice was hardly heard" at '92 conference).

•   Florida's Q&A with Barber re: his new book, "If Mayors Ruled the World": a key point "is not simply that cities can and should govern globally...they already are!"

•   Dittmar cheers small community initiatives as being key to regeneration: "most urbanist theories depend on either a Big State or a Big Corporate approach, and that's not how great cities are made. Neither has produced great urbanism."

•   Berger bemoans the "Canadianization of America" where, in "Hollywood North, Vancouver substitutes for Seattle, BC supplies the landscapes of everywhere from Ohio and Kansas to well as cities on other planets."

•   In Boston, a "gleaming glass skyscraper" is set to rise "above the rubble-strewn block" to be the city's fourth tallest building and a "harmonious pairing of new and old."

•   Restuccia sees the project as "a chance to mend the ugly scar," but "why does the tower have to be so dull? ...the city should demand no less than a skyscraper that you'd want to put on a postcard."

•   A "self-described 'career patient' implores hospital architects to collaborate with interior designers, psychologists and neuroscientists in order to eradicate forever the pain of 'medical incarceration.'"

•   Goldberger cheers Hardy's new theater atop Lincoln Center's Vivian Beaumont: it may be "pleasing, deferential - and barely visible," but by no means is it just a "simple act of engineering."

•   Kennicott takes Brooks to task for his criticism of the Eisenhower Memorial for being "lazy on multiple levels...merely using the general harrumphing about Gehry to vent ideas unrelated to Gehry's design."

•   Hadid leads the pack as favorite to win bid to buy London's Design Museum and turn it into an architecture museum.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   The BMW Guggenheim Lab opens in Berlin today.

•   A good reason to find oneself in L.A. next week: Dwell on Design 2012: Modern Beyond Expectations launches.

•   Maciunas and Fluxus are the stars of "Fluxcity: Prefabricated/Modular Solution for Social Housing," a current "conceptual web exhibit" that will take physical form in NYC this fall (great links!).

•   In London, "Bureau Spectacular: Three Little Worlds" is "an inhabitable installation" of a modular home at The Architecture Foundation + "Wide Open School" at the Hayward Gallery offers artists' visions of future cities.

•   George Nelson takes center stage at the Cranbrook Art Museum beginning this weekend (great slide show).

•   "Richard Henriquez: Narrative Fragments" in Vancouver - tripods included.

•   Glancey is totally taken by P.D. Smith's "City: A Guidebook for the Urban Age": a "richly packed, colorful and well-written primer on the role the city plays in our lives" that "deserves rapt attention."

•   "Hitler's Berlin: Abused City" is a "detailed survey of Nazi architectural dreams" that "would have made Haussmann's reconfiguration of Paris seem cosmetic."

•   Q&A with co-authors of "Social Media In Action" re: "the need for communication in landscape architecture and how the increasing prevalence of social media tools are helping the architecture, engineering and planning industry change the way we communicate."


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