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Today’s News - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

•   ArcSpace brings us a fabulous eyeful of the Barnes (whatever your opinion, definitely worth a look).

•   Rosenbaum offers more "critical reverence" for the Barnes, though she's "coming to terms with the fact that mine is a minority someone who attended a revival meeting but didn't see the light."

•   Esplund certainly minces no words: the Barnes is a "bloated mausoleum" representing "a worst-case example of philistinism, provincialism and avarice masquerading as public service and community outreach" in "a repackaged and rebranded commodity, a soulless shell" (ouch!).

•   Lewis tries to fathom why modern design can still be "a hard sell" in Washington, DC, and why "those who assert that classicism is the only appropriate design language" are wrong (including Gehry's Eisenhower Memorial).

•   Berger's take on why Washington State's "most endangered" list "brings to mind the Pogo line, 'We have met the enemy and he is us.'"

•   Public design charrettes are in the offing to explore what to do with Rudolph's Sarasota High School because no one wants "to see a botched job like one at Riverview High School."

•   An impressive coalition coalesces behind saving UCLA's Hannah Carter Japanese Garden.

•   Q&A with King and Hartig re: the color, romance, and impact of the Golden Gate Bridge on its 75th anniversary (some great pix).

•   King and Calys weigh in on the Golden Gate's new visitors centers: one is "flawed but workable"; the Bridge Round House is "a suave Art Deco treat," and the landscape a "fascinating work in progress." + One is "a gem, one not so much."

•   Hall Kaplan offers up the "joys and surprises of teaching 'guerilla planning'" with a student's project that, "though not the designated class assignment," it "certainly was in the spirit of the curriculum" (even better - it wasn't "just another theoretical study").

•   The plot thickens for China Mobile Beijing HQ with Leo A Daly's competition-winning design for Phase 2.

•   Beverly Willis continues her untiring efforts to set the record straight about women's contributions to architecture + BWAF "A View from the Future" forum June 5 in NYC will explore how and why "the most profitable innovation comes when women's views join men's. And that innovation is minimized when women's voices are lacking."

•   Badger reports on research being done to harness the urban heat island effect "into energy cities can actually use."

•   Rose offers a most amusing review of the week in architecture: "size isn't everything"; a rap star's movie pyramid in Cannes; "Design Like You Give a Damn [2]" is "the sort of stuff that gives architecture, and humanity, a good name"; and much more.

•   The up- and down-sides of technologies like 3-D printing: tasks may be completed more efficiently, but "when approached by the lazy or mediocre, results can still be achieved even if they are not particularly groundbreaking."

•   We cheer our friends and colleagues (and everyone else) who are recipients of Graham Foundation grants for a number of fascinating projects and publications.

•   Call for entries: Contract magazine's Healthcare Environment Awards 2012.

•   One we couldn't resist: "Escheresque animations" for a music video offer the "psychedelic deconstruction of an ordinary New York City street" (in a good way, we promise).


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