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Today’s News - Thursday, May 24, 2012

EDITOR'S NOTE: We're starting our Memorial Day holiday (U.S.) a bit early and won't be posting tomorrow. We'll be back Tuesday, May 29 ('til then, you can find us digging in our too-long-neglected garden).

•   Huxtable finds her "core beliefs turned upside down" at the new Barnes: "I have been waiting a long time for a building like this."

•   Brin finds it "a curiously authentic, almost perverse tribute to the experience of the old Barnes."

•   Lamster lambasts the "war against 60s architecture": "It is admittedly not always friendly to the touch," but "there are glories to be found in its heroic scale and its dynamic forms and spaces."

•   Iovine (and many others) is horrified by the thought that Hadrian's Villa has been selected by Italy's sanitation minister as the site of a new garbage dump: "That stinks!" Now, sign the petition.

•   Hatherley tools around the UK's second-largest housing estate and finds "some architectural gems and a few lessons on garden cities that merit "reassessing and - hopefully - building them anew" (great pix).

•   Brussat calls for Brown University to stop its "institutional creep on College Hill. Change, often billed falsely as progress, can have a quietly insidious influence on the character of cities."

•   An eyeful of AS+GG's twin Dancing Dragons in Seoul that take biomimicry to a new level, mixing beauty with function.

•   An eyeful of Tokyo's Skytree, now the world's tallest tower: "The opening was joyful, though not completely problem-free."

•   Rose spends some serious face time with H&deM (his description of their studio is almost as good as being there).

•   A brief but fascinating look at how "architecture and language share some surprising similarities" (leave it Léon K. to riff on this).

•   Winners of 100 Mile House Ideas Competition hail from Vancouver to New York to Scotland.

•   The 2012 ULI Urban Open Space Award shortlist sports parks in Birmingham, Calgary, New York, and Portland.

•   Weekend Diversions:

•   Hume hails Doors Open Toronto that "reminds us that today's buildings are tomorrow's heritage" + "Everybody's talking about architecture. And you know when the public gets involved like that it's going to lead to good things."

•   LaBarre cheers Heatherwick, "the mad scientist of British design," who's about to take center stage at the V&A.

•   Cabianca is intrigued by "Graphic Design - Now in Production" set to open on Governors Island, NYC: "like architecture - graphic design is still governed by certain limits" (free ferry included!).

•   Get ready, Chicago: "Color Jam" is about to jam up an intersection on State Street with "volumes of color" spilling down façades and into traffic.

•   Gould is heartened by Hosey's "Shape of Green: Aesthetics, Ecology, and Design" that "might even inspire hope in the most pessimistic readers."

•   Lange lauds "Piecing Together Los Angeles: An Esther McCoy Reader" and urges us "all to buy it and read it, for it is a pleasure."

•   One we couldn't resist: "The world's worst supersized tourist flops - a motley crew of tourist giants prove bigger doesn't always mean better" (it's a hoot!).


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