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Today’s News - Wednesday, May 2, 2012

•   Pogrebin ponders all the finger-pointing surrounding Piano's Nasher Museum "sunburn problem": "No one quite knows what to do."

•   Hawthorne is more than disheartened by the "opportunities missed" in designing L.A.'s new Expo Line stations: with their "dated, and almost useless, canopies" (and "ornamental kudzu"), the architecture "is not just weak but somehow aggressively banal" (ouch!).

•   Kimmelman, on the other hand, has (mostly) good things to say about Miami's new Marlins Park: "Major League Baseball has its first unapologetic 21st-century stadium...a modern building, with genuine panache, as opposed to another pastiche" (fine art, aquariums, and a pool included).

•   Q&A with Kimmelman re: what he's looking forward to covering "from what is the most visible perch in architectural criticism."

•   Dvir on the up- and down-sides of the growing trend in Tel Aviv to transform former (some historic) apartment buildings into to private, luxury villas (not all are pleased).

•   Ezban takes us on a long journey around, over, and into Monte Testaccio, an ancient landfill (and Rome's 8th hill) to explain how it "offers two models for reclamation of landfills in the creation of resilient public spaces."

•   Hume is more than dismayed by the disappearance of Toronto's tree canopy that is leaving the city streets looking "naked, exposed and just a little sunburnt" (one row was actually cut down for a movie shoot - now that's depressing).

•   In Christchurch, there's an "elephant in the room no-one is talking about" as plans are drawn up for the city's reconstruction: compulsory acquisition (a.k.a. eminent domain).

•   Q&A with Selldorf re: her "elegant" portfolio now expanding to include a Brooklyn recycling plant (goats might be included).

•   An interesting take on how CAD "stifles" design: "Instead of educating CAD users on how to automate design, we need to create a generation of designers who use technology to create wonderful neighborhoods instead of quick subdivision plans."

•   We found three great reasons to head Down Under later this month: Vivid Sydney Festival 2012 + a stellar line-up for "7 Kinds of Happiness: Conversations on Design and Emotion" series + Open House Adelaide launches.

•   Two winners of the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture are doing some amazing work in Yemen and Afghanistan.

•   Eyefuls of the 2012 AIA San Francisco Design Awards winners (great presentations).

•   One we couldn't resist: now you, too, can own an iconic, 1936 Giles Gilbert Scott-designed red phone box - fully-refurbished (or the ultimate gift for someone who thinks they already have everything).


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