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Today’s News - Tuesday, May 1, 2012

•   Calys gives two thumbs-up to "Social Media in Action" - an invaluable handbook for A/E professionals "who realize that social media is not a passing phenomenon and can play a part in their business."

•   Doig x deux (and not a little dispiriting): do we really want to live in a "sentient city" where "top-down urbanism" (and high-tech sponsors) treats "the residents as a problem to be solved rather than as part of the solution"?

•   He ponders the consequences of technology "helping cities control everything from traffic to disease. But who should control the technology? The smart-city movement is at a crossroads."

•   Lepeska, on the other hand, is intrigued by the rise of the "temporary city" and the pop-up phenomenon popping up everywhere.

•   Down Under, Barns calls for Tasmania to end the "hollow" rhetoric about the state "nurturing the creative industries" and begin including architecture and design, "two of the most economically and socially valuable contributors...not luxuries but necessities in a society that wants to prosper."

•   Q&A with Koolhaas re: how the economic and cultural changes of the 21st century are transforming world cities as well as the practice of architecture.

•   A recent forum looked at establishing "vibrancy and dynamism indicators" as "ways to quantify those unique, often qualitative 'know it when you see it,' characteristics that shape successful neighborhoods."

•   White serves up Round 2 of a "Vegas-style prize fight between Glitter Gulch and Cowtown" (a.k.a. Las Vegas vs. Calgary).

•   Quirk moves a bit further afield with a fascinating two-parter re: bursting the myths about Suburbia: if the suburbs are "ripe to be re-imagined, are we up to the challenge?"

•   EDITOR'S NOTE: the comment sections in most of the articles above are just about as compelling (informative, challenging, scary, sad...) as the articles themselves.

•   ASLA's new animation illustrates how to accommodate a growing numbers of urban farmers to transform unproductive spaces into low-cost sources of nutrition.

•   Carlson and Goodyear both cheer Nordahl's "Making Transit Fun!": Can transit incorporate playground equipment? "You bet." + It's "a reminder that transit has only lost when it aims low. We should always be looking for joy, even on the bus."

•   Walker travels L.A.'s new Expo Line to Santa Monica: "The stations are elegant yet unassuming" - too bad the train car design "put us at the back of the pack."

•   The downside to the Expo Line: there's rising anxiety about what will become of Santa Monica's 18-year-old Bergamot Station Arts Center when the trains start to arrive.

•   Hadid's next stop: Nuremberg, with a new exhibition center for the NürnbergMesse (green cred included).

•   Rosenbaum updates us on the "Goshen commotion" that continues to swirl around the fate of Rudolph's Orange County Government Center.

•   "Family Of Schools" exhibition at The Lighthouse in Glasgow "highlights some of the core design qualities we aspire to in all Scottish schools captured in drawings by Alan Dunlop."

•   Another reason to hop the Expo Line to Santa Monica next week: 9th Annual AltBuild / 2012 Alternative Building Materials & Design Expo (if you don't feel like taking the train, there's free bike valet parking!).


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