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Today’s News - Wednesday, April 18, 2012

•   With earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, volcanoes on the rise, green-building advocates and disaster planners are finding common ground - a LEED rating for resilience could be on the horizon.

•   Ban's cardboard Transitional Cathedral for Christchurch gets the go-ahead (great pix!).

•   Bernstein reports (with a bit of bristling) on Apple HQ plans moving forward; "one of its objectives to 'achieve the security and privacy by eliminating any public access to the site'...the language is jarring in an era when urban planning tends to be about creating, not curtailing, interaction" (though apricot orchard is a nice touch).

•   It's an NYC sort of day: Germany's Bauwelt Magazine takes an in-depth look at affordable housing in NYC: "Government-funded housing in the capital of capitalism?"

•   Pogrebin digs into the details of the New York Public Library's "public-relations blitz" defending its $300 million plans; critics claim it will turn it into "a glorified Starbucks."

•   Dunlap talks to the cheerleaders and nay-sayers of plans to revamp South Street Seaport's Pier 17: "the landmarks commissioners seemed receptive" to changes (the original designers - not so much).

•   News from Down Under: Perth presents plans to transform the Swan River waterfront into an "aquatic playground" despite ongoing opposition (no mention of who designed the master plan).

•   Sydney approves $1 billion plan to create Australia's biggest entertainment and convention center at Darling Harbor.

•   King has high hopes for Walnut Creek's Broadway Plaza plan to become dense and tall: "We've got the chance now to explore new definitions of all that the suburbs can be."

•   van Egeraat's Siberian mall "functions as an interiorized public space overlaid on a capitalist bubble" (pix to prove it).

•   Does Abu Dhabi need the Guggenheim? Some think not: "The Guggenheim effect is sexy when you are not on the radar. When you are Bilbao..." (harrumph).

•   The revamped Palais de Tokyo in Paris, "left under-developed to perfection" with lots of dust, exposed concrete, and dangling electrical wires, could put the "French art scene back into the spotlight" (fun included!).

•   Good news/bad news for two Pritzker winners: "Wang Shu's use of materials both exploits and exposes China's reckless approach to building."

•   Souto de Moura is having a hard time finding work - lots of invitations to competitions, but who wants to go up against "another 400 or 600 architects" (perhaps having a website might help?).

•   Cardew receives the 2012 RAIC Gold Medal: "The quality of his work is consistently high, consistently thoughtful, and timeless...he is an architect to be admired and emulated."

•   Ling launches a "Big Bang" atmosphere for SOFA 2012 at the Park Avenue Armory in NYC this weekend: "You will immediately undertake a time-machine-like procession."

•   Peters reports on the recent SmartGeometry 2012: it sounds like the international crowd of architects and researchers had a helluva time!

•   A fascinating round-up of 2012's most interesting buildings (so far) by small (i.e. not starchitect) firms creating some remarkably "bold work" (so refreshing!).


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