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Today’s News - Tuesday, April 17, 2012

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of Safdie's new museum in Punjab, India.

•   Kimmelman visits Piano's new convent and visitors' center hugging the hill beneath Corbu's Notre Dame du Haut and likes what he sees: they "aim to blend in, not compete," which "would have been a fool's game and an affront...Humility is a virtue. That's the obvious lesson."

•   Meanwhile, Piano's Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas is threatened to be fried, blinded, and over-shadowed by the new, mirrored Museum Tower.

•   Farrelly bemoans the loss of public spaces that "used to be, genuinely, a culture's living rooms" - now being "destroyed by modernism's storm troopers."

•   McKee reflects on the likelihood that Friedberg's 1973 Peavey Plaza in Minneapolis (which "suffers from a chronic lack of love") will be replaced; it's "harsh news, but it is unsurprising."

•   Davidson, on a brighter note, reflects on a new Times Square: the "beauty" of Snøhetta's "quiet, even minimal design lies in dark, heavy sobriety and a desire to be a lasting pedestal to the frenzied dazzle above."

•   Chin and Herzan cheer the Taxi of Tomorrow, "but New York needs more design thinking": the project "demonstrates the power of design in our city to drive change."

•   Lackmeyer lightens up at the prospect of downtown Oklahoma City plans to open up transit options: "A small revolution is about to take place" with an experiment that "might just change the rules for decades to follow."

•   Big plans to transform an abandoned amusement park in East Berlin into a public art space (dinosaurs included, we hope! Check out the pix).

•   Q&A with Balmori re: "the false dichotomy between architecture and landscape" and how it began.

•   In Australia, the new state government architect "isn't afraid to call it as he sees it": Sydney "desperately needs more construction," and if that means building Barangaroo, so be it; "not everyone is so sure."

•   Design Council Cabe is not convinced by the public space proposed for Ikea's Strand East housing development, though it did praise "the massing of the predominantly low-rise scheme."

•   Wayne State University has big plans for a biotech hub in Detroit - good news for WSU and the city.

•   On a much smaller scale, the Heidelberg Project is giving an impoverished Detroit neighborhood "a sense of ownership and pride...offering postindustrial 'shrinking cities' a model for the future" (stuffed toys and polka dots included - great pix!).

•   Brew ponders current energy codes that could make new buildings not code-compliant in the near future; he does have high hopes for the Passive House approach to energy efficiency.

•   Quirk's query: "Is Zaha's latest prize really an advancement for women," and will AJ's soon-to-be announced Woman Architect of the Year and Emerging Woman Architect of the Year "really revolutionizing the profession for women?"

•   A petition drive is launched to save a Neutra icon in Pakistan from demolition, though "chances for preservation seem slim and its destruction imminent."

•   We couldn't resist: Carlson on a Cooper Union student who launched "his own protest, in a way that only a clever designer could" (and some took the bait - 'er - got punked).

•   Call for entries/applications: 72 Hour Urban Action Stuttgart 2012 Real-Time Architecture Competition.


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