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Today’s News - Wednesday, March 21, 2012

•   Memorial mania: Kennicott and The Dirt report on yesterday's Congressional hearing which heard calls for a redesign and/or an open competition for the Eisenhower Memorial, references to missile silos and death camps, and the GSA defending its Design Excellence program (there was "lots of public review and comment" (never mind the $16 million that's already been spent) + AN offers a good overview - including NCAS's "war on Gehry" and its 153-page report "attacking the design as a 'travesty' and a 'Happy McMonument.'"

•   Hawthorne takes on "rethinking memorials in aftermath of Japan tsunami": "found memorials" all over the Tohoku region take the risk of losing "some of their strange and surprising visual power. But given how overpriced and underwhelming so many traditional memorials have turned out to be in recent years, that may be a risk worth taking."

•   Miyamoto proposes a "Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant Shrine" with giant shrine-style thatched roofs over each of the crippled reactor buildings - "not all the feedback has been positive."

•   Karni parses "the folly" of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum: "costs might have faded from memory were it not for the fact that, more than 10 years after the attacks and hundreds of millions later, there's still no 9/11 Museum."

•   To lighten things up a bit: there's now a 60-foot-tall stainless-steel monument to the Burj Khalifa (just what Dubai needed).

•   Kamin on the "promise and perils" that await Corner and his team with his Navy Pier win: "It will be fascinating - or excruciating - to see how this drama plays out."

•   A very interesting analysis of Apple and Google "mothership" HQs: "Google would be wise to listen to" criticism of Apple plans and "bring its designs firmly back to earth."

•   Shuttleworth predicts Piano's Shard "will be torn down and replaced with an even taller tower within a few years" (sounds more than a bit unlikely).

•   A new school in Brisbane not only "beautifully combines domestic and institutional architecture" on a residential street, "but also makes a valuable contribution to contemporary architecture."

•   An architect's perspective on the future of library design: "Despite a lot of hand-wringing, the evolving library is holding its own and won't be disappearing any decade soon."

•   A (long) look at the future of museum design: exhibition halls are being "taken over by 'social space'" with museums "shedding their old skin," going from "being about something" to "being for somebody."

•   King tells us where to look for six wineries that range from understatement to over-the-top.

•   A strategic plan for changing the world: "Timeline: Before those of us who are alive now are all dead. The Alternative: Keep doing what we've been doing, and keep getting what we've been getting."

•   Call for entries: World Monuments Fund/Knoll Modernism Prize nominations.


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